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Testimonials - Experiences – Letters

Testimonials from Spiritual Energetic Healing Treatments Offered through Merlin's Magical Mystery School

Presented by David Raphael Isaacson

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"Last night proved to be very relaxing and exciting at the same time. I must admit that the first few minutes had my heart racing! Partly for anticipation and partly for the unknown of what I would feel, if anything at all. Well I did. It started at 10 pm, and I started feeling a warm, slight, tingling sensation all over my body. Mostly during the first 10-15 minutes, mainly around my upper torso and arms. There was a time that the feeling seemed to be concentrated in my hands (which I had in the beginning on my chest, but moved them to be palms down on my bed). There were times during this experience that I did not even feel my bed underneath me, as if energy was flowing heavily around me. I marveled at this sensation! During the next 10 minutes or so I felt the same sensations as above concentrated along my legs and around my feet. At one point, I felt a sensation on my face, particularly around my eyes, as though someone was touching me. Then just a very warm, relaxing feeling continued for approximately 15 minutes more. I realized that the session must have ended, for my cd by Joyce Handler finished, and I got up to check the time, it was 10:55 pm. I truly look forward to our next session.... Many Blessings." Teresa

"The past two days I have not been preoccupied with other people, as I usually am. It's like a little vacation. I hope it sticks. Thank you." Tony

"I will keep your letter forever. It did give me hope and I do trust you. I get swirls of energy rushing through me whenever you write something. I know this is not a correspondence course but I do appreciate every word you write." Tony

The energy was different again. I felt like I was bigger, like I was a balloon. Toni

Hi David, The energy was very even in the heart area and sometimes going to the stomach. At one point, I fell asleep and didn't know where I was when I awoke (which wasn't so bad!) I know you targeted that area and you did, as usual, an excellent job. I will let you know if anything else comes up as you will let me know if you got anything on me....Toni

Dear David, I felt the energy to be very strong. It was a feeling similar to being on a merry go round (from what I can remember of that feeling). It was constant for the whole time. I did get a better sleep last night than I have had in weeks. Toni

Thanks to the work that you do, people can be without blocks to reach higher. Or maybe we can just manifest the positive aspects of the planets from operating at a higher level. I watch this closely and Mars used to affect me seriously but now although I am aware of sometimes a not so pleasant feeling, it is much better. Maybe I am not putting this right - I know your work has made a big difference. Toni

"It has been quite a treat for me to know someone of your caliber. I am still amazed at your energy." Tony

"I have been in the presence of healers and their energy was mild compared to yours." Tony

"David, I more than appreciate what you write. I have read similar things elsewhere but you make the difference. You are a real, living person attached to what you say. I don't know if you make personal appearances regarding your work. You should be out there. I had a dream and the words "All That Is" came up. I don't know the context but I do know that is not the vocabulary I use when I speak of the creator. Also, I haven't had the desire to go shopping as much lately. The economy of New York City will suffer as I work with you!!!" Tony

"The energy tonight was distinct and even. It flowed throughout like an inner massage. It has been quite an honor for me to know someone as yourself. Your friends are very lucky." Tony

"If you ever get a flash about my needing anything more, I am sure you will let me know. I shall consider my life B.D. and A.D. (Before David and after David). Since you explained now about the mantra, I feel it did do something because I cannot get it out of mind. And which is good for me because you know how busy my mind is and it is a lot better than feeling "restless" about most things." Tony

"In the last few days it seems there are less spots on my eyes. I don't know if it is my imagination. I will keep an "eye" on this. Also, I did forget to tell you that I had some arthritis in my left ring finger and for the past two weeks that seems not to be a problem. My finger was stiff from pain before. So...I know you can do physical healings. You were accurate about how things would be. People on the outside are most friendly to me. This time of year in the city is lunacy but I have been moving through easily. I seem to be attracting the attention of the Hindu people. Some lady came up to me and bowed. No doubt to the divinity within. And the close people are projecting as you said. I respond if I feel like it. I think its okay to say how I feel but I don't feel anything emotional about it.... My energy level is really high which is not likely for me." Tony

"For the first one hour it was more or less like the previous sessions. The second hour and one half was very strong. The energy was concentrated in my chest area. For a few moments I was seeing what appeared to be a journey but I couldn't make out any of the animals. I then saw some writings but I couldn't see what was written (I suppose I'm near-sighted in the spirit world, too)!! So, I'll let you know if any other changes become apparent.... I know I am doing the work I am supposed to be doing.... Thank you." Tony

"There is a plenitude of spiritual workers and healers to match the equal number of seekers, but David stands alone in this type of work. The level of energy that David transmits to his clients is the highest that I have experienced. As a result of completing the prescribed number of sessions with David, the following are some of the results experienced: intuitive abilities are more pronounced, attention is more focused on present time, patience can be achieved easily, energy level is starting to raise, time flows more easily, certain negative habits have disappeared. While it is important to complete the recommended number of sessions for total healing, (David is most accurate in assessing the required number), if you cannot do the whole series, do not let it prevent you from participating in this work. Each session brings with it an energy uplift and a calmness that is created from within and not from outside. You will find David to be a warm, compassionate, at times witty and most reliable. He keeps close connection to you during this work so at no time are you without support. He guides you through the work and you are given a wonderful feeling of being connected to yourself. Then you have a "new you" to re-experience life. A price cannot be placed on David's work, only a value." Toni Alaimo

Merlin: I was lying down, relaxed and receptive at the time I had set. I shortly was aware of the presence of healing energy and reinforced the image I had previously put out that I wanted the healing focused on pain in my lower back. I then allowed myself to sink into a deep meditative state and eventually sleep. At the end of the hour the pain in my back was considerably less. The condition is not healed, but it is improved and I have been able to stand upright for the first time in several days. Thank you. Wm

I felt the energy to be very strong as in pulsating waves