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Dear David/Merlin, Thank you very much for the healing. This is what I experienced: different sound frequencies, warmth, peace and a slight stomach ache near the end. I joyously wait to see how it manifests. I will let you know. Namaste, Pam

Hi David. The last session was interesting, as usual. The work seemed to be designed to cover all sides/polarities of my body; right, left, front, back etc. Fatigue after was extensive - but my energy was available the next day - at a diminished or foggier level. Each session seems to require a different type of integration process. I'm glad I've got into sort of a once a week pattern, as it seems to be good for me to have a few days in-between.... Patti

I experienced the last session with the most physical sensations so far. There were small sharp pains in my ankles, knees and strong, pleasurable surges in the centers of female energy (breast, womb, vagina, clitoris) - resulting in sort of an-out-of-body orgasmic sort of crescendo. When ever I was cold, weak, and very tired, I craved contact with water and heat, so took a hot bath. I have been tired since - and having been feeling alternately tranced out and then acutely aware of the beauty of sensory stimuli. It seems as though my life force has been ratcheted up a few notches.... Patti

...The last session went well. In fact, as I write this I am connecting some of that with how I have been feeling. Much of the session energy seemed to flow between my heart and second chakra - some of the energy felt powerful, some felt erotic. I was tired at the end - and the last few days I have felt almost a burning fire in that same zone. I notice that I have been unconsciously drinking water and avoiding fire/hot foods and drink. I kept thinking of the stuff I read on Ayurveda - that I better look up how to balance too much fire??!! Anyway, life continues to be the best show around....Patti

David, The energy you sent was validating and pure. Thank you. The experience reminded me that I have missed spending time in meditation. I appreciate your time and intention....Take care and thanks again, Patti

"I felt a lot of energy working through me and cleaning out more toxic emotions such as a fear of punishment and a sense that there is something dead and stinking inside of me.... I almost felt that I was going to experience memories of repressed stuff that I know is there....I have felt much stronger since then despite not freeing myself from "whatever". I also felt deep grief but again it was lifted by Tuesday. I am really fascinated by this work and do wish to experience more... maybe I will finally clear this baggage that has held me back from realizing my potential. Thanks again for your wonderful gift!!!" Pam "I felt a great tingling and surging of my energy and the blood in my veins. Became surrounded with a white cone of light giving up and out from my feet and down into the earth from my feet. This white had flecks of white in it. Then it changed to pink, with pink flecks (like dust) floating in it. Then it changed to yellow/gold with gold flecks in it. The upper cone surrounding my body began to swirl. The cone from my feet into the earth remained white...The gold cone remained swirling and a violet light came down into the top of my head. As it came down, the violet moved the gold down until the cone was now violet. I saw my arms come up from my sides extending the cone further out from me. The cone into the ground stayed white. I kept looking for green for some reason. I didn't see it until I looked for the flecks in the cone of light. This time they were green in the violet light....I saw a vehicle and it fell onto its side. I asked what that was about and was told it was the death of my lesser self and the higher self was on top of this vehicle....I feel very relaxed and grounded, ready for my next challenge." Penelope "I felt my blood zipping through my body starting with my toes and out through my body. I felt my energy opened from my heart out beyond my body like a flower opening in time elapsed photography. I felt the veins of energy in the flower were being smoothed and charged. I felt like my energy was laid out like a grid and David's energy was going thru each lay line of energy smoothing and burning thru the little stuck obstructions that were encountered. I saw this fellow on top of a hill or mountain digging a path with a shovel. I asked what he was doing and he said 'digging a path to riches' I liked that. As we went thru the process I felt lighter inside--a lightening both weight and 'light', until I felt possibly glowing and buoyant." Penelope

WOW!!!!!!!! YOU MOST DECIDEDLY CAME IN!! First I sensed a right rotating motion at the base of my spine, it continued for some time then it moved up through all the chakras. I also had some questions regarding my loneliness, and that was answered also. WOW!! The healing continued for 1 hour, I have a clock that chimes and, the healing started at 11 and continued until 12. WOW!! THANK YOU DAVID AND THANK THE UNIVERSE!! THANK ALL THAT HELPED WITH THIS HEALING! LOVE AND LIGHT. Phyllis

Dear David~~ I have to say that I couldn't even tell if anything was happening during my session, but I am so much happier today - very strange! And I have had a 'little' problem with anger, and seem to feel none of it on this day after. Phoenix

"My body was filled with light. At first, flashing lights like a light being turned on and off, then the light stayed on and on...it was like my body was hollow ...it filled with light. At the end it became like a Roman candle with sparks shooting out of my head... they went into space and cascaded down around the earth, sort of wrapping around the earth in a healing cocoon." Penelope Randall

"A profound deep energy came upon me - I went unconscious...felt I was getting worked on, things being lifted, removed (negativity, heaviness)." Regina

"I want to tell you my gratitude; I feel very full of Energy now.... Thank you!" Robert (Canada)

David, Thanks for your newsletter. It's nice to see how different each persons healing experience is. Each one of mine has been completely different. The last one with the sensation that negative energies were being flushed through my body and out the bottom of my feet was really interesting. As for your price... I'm always happy to pay for services rendered. I look forward to the next healing. Love Robin

I mostly felt the energy in my hands, wrists and feet. Occasionally, it would travel, like a wave, across my back and knees. I believe this is because historically and currently I have injuries in these areas. Throughout the session my limbs felt very heavy, like I could not move my body. It was as if I had weights on my arms and legs. However, my head and neck felt light and unconstrained. Thanks. Rosa

Hi David.... The sessions went good Tues... I felt the pulsing in my palms and feet. Thurs. felt sort of an inner warmth traveling through me. As for other changes in me, I feel more positive. I feel like I'm getting a good start on my spiritual path. I thank you, you've been a great help... Saliha

Hi David. The session went good. I felt pulsing in my forehead and hands..... I got that heavy body feeling at one point... I felt light vibrations. My arms and legs were tingling up and down. I felt my heart beat or a pulse in my solar plexus? I got the tiger balm sensation all around my head and ears. Towards the end I felt my whole body get lighter. thank you so much. Sincerely, Saliha

I keep finding more sections of your website, and each thing that I read has pertinence and direct answers to my search and questions. It is as if God has answered my prayers through this one website. So many questions are in my heart about how to move closer to God. The unspoken questions as well as the conscious ones have answers here and I feel I have a home base now to turn to. Thank you and God Bless you. Sandy

Dear Merlin, Thank you for the healing session. First of all, I've been somewhat depressed all week, but attributed it to the work being done. Tonight during the session, for a good 15 minutes I experienced extreme itchiness on my right foot, along the right outside edge and the toe next to small toe. Then that stopped and in its place, extreme yawning. And generally restlessness throughout the hour, I could not lie still. All of this I simply let happen as I figured it has to do with what you're doing. Then, at the very end, about the last 5 minutes, I felt a succinct feeling of well-being. It was a very definite feeling of elation. Thank you again. Sandy

Merlin, I definitely feel a change which is hard to put into words, but a little clearer, more focused, and a feeling that when I dowse (I use a little pendulum) I am getting a better connection to my inner guide/higher self. Thank you Merlin for being so caring. Sandy

Good Morning David. As promised some feed back from the Transmission.... Wow that was powerful. I rose at 8.50 am on Saturday, showered & cleaned the room that I "do" healings in , put down my mat, energetically cleared the room & then grounded myself, small mediation, & tried to make myself as open to you as I could. At 9.55 I put on a CD of Mother Ammachis Bahjans (it last's 50 mins.), I had no sooner turned on the music when "you arrived", the very moment the music started I felt the transmission begin. Very strong energy coming in thru my crown chakra, & also felt like my crown was being pulled higher & higher, at the same time my solar plexus started to pulsate like I've felt before, do you do a navel hookup ? Both these chakras experienced the energy flow for the full 50 minutes. Very conscious of the energy coursing thru my entire system, especially my legs/feet - where a gold light almost pinned me to the ground. This lasted approx 30 minutes then the energy shifted & began to work like an acupuncture/massage session up & down my back, from the outside in. 3 minutes after Mother's CD ended I felt the energy drop off & ebb away. I remained on the floor for 10 minutes, I was as weak as a kitten, when I tried to stand up, I almost fainted, cold sweats, I thought that I was going to faint. I went straight to bed & immediately feel asleep for 4.5 hours. I still felt very tired all Saturday night. You must have really moved something. Spent Sunday just resting, felt very spaced out. Over the past 2 years I have taken many transmissions of light/energy - this experience was the most powerful that I have every experienced. Thank you David & I look forward to your psychic reading & to working with you thru the advanced healings, providing of course that you will work with me. This is Monday morning & I'm in the office, still very "light" headed. In love & light, Sean Og

Hi David - Thank you for your visit last night. I wasn't quite sure what to expect last night. I was very tired and not sure I would be able to stay awake but in the end, I did and I was very aware of your presence. I felt quite a bit of tingling on my left side, especially in my lower body and a lot of heat (all over) was generated by your work. I also remember a buzzing in my ear and a feeling of being lighter and more serene before falling asleep. With gratitude and love. Shalamee

During my session I experienced the burning of a great deal of negative karma that I had been deeply holding on to and a confirmation of where my current path should lead me. I sensed both the "white" and the "blue" fires enveloping me, I have only experienced the red and the gold previously. The light warriors are on the move!!!" Shannon

"You and I had scheduled to do the healing together on last Sunday. I told you I would be in the sanctuary of our church from 11 to 12. What I can tell you of my experience that morning is during our meditation I had a feeling of tension in my third eye, on the verge of a headache of sorts. It just showed up at that time and then through that my inner vision revealed to me an eye in the aching space. The eye opened up and in place of an actual eyeball was a big, crystal clear, white, radiant diamond! I was able to see through this big diamond. It was my source of vision and the tension was gone and no headache came about. It was peaceful and still. I smiled and remembered what was taking place at a distance and thought to myself "this must be it"... Thanks for the healing White Fire. I will be sure and pass along your website to others. Peace and Blessings." Shelly

"I don't really know what to say, except perhaps thank you? ...I started meditating at 8:55, and as far as meditation goes, it was one of my best sessions ever. I tried my best to be receptive to ethereal energies, and even tried to talk to you, although I have no idea how. Basically I just concentrated on my different chakras as I thought fit....I had a whole lot more energy than I have ever had before. I realized that I had been thinking about the heart chakra in completely the wrong spot! I thought it was lower down on the breast plate, but I found more energy a bit higher up. It seemed to have a bit of a reddish tinge to it, but only in fleeting moments.... Anyway, after about 35 minutes my legs started to go numb, so I had to stop. When I lay down where I was, I got the usual symptoms of pins and needles, but I decided to concentrate on it fully, and my legs started to feel like they were on fire, with a white light.... interesting. It could have been merely physical, or perhaps my energy had grown stronger so as when it flowed once again through my legs it was white hot or something.... I hope you didn't mind that I stopped then, but I felt it was enough. Anyways, thanks for the help." Stephen

"At about 4 pm my time I wondered..... Is this healing going to be EST or PST? Well, I sat down, got still and about 15 minutes later I had to lay down. I did, and after a while I felt a tapping on my sacrum. It was an unusual, never before experienced sensation. Fell asleep a while later, woke up at 5:30, well rested. Felt like being quiet for a while. I feel good right now too. Ahhhhhhh...... What's next?" Stephanie

Hi David, Just thought I'd give you some feedback from the session this evening. I sat down about 7PM and began to feel a bit of warmth, as if my face was flushed and also some warmth in the upper part of my body and arms. I was a bit nervous at first but eventually settled down into a deeper type of meditation (when my mind wasn't passing thoughts through my head).... After, I felt a bit groggy but now I'm feeling pretty peaceful...Thanks, Steve

"Dear David, I want to thank you for the healing I received on Sunday. When the healing session started, I first felt like a whirlwind was in my body, searching throughout it. After that settled down, the bottom of my feet started tingling. I also felt that tingling in my solar plexus. Monday after the healing I felt good, but when I got home from work, I was extremely tired, and basically just rested and went to bed early. Tuesday, I felt very good at work and very energetic when I got home. I slept very well, and woke this morning from a very deep sleep. My alarm clock sounded like it was in the next house - it sounded so far away. Today, I am wonderful. I am full of energy and full of love. Everyone I run into can feel that from me. I can tell this from their response and the flow of their love. I have been going through a very hard time emotionally and spiritually lately. Your healing has helped me to break through this barrier and free my energy and love so that I can spread it around the world. Also, I wanted to tell you that I have a special connection to Merlin, and that is why I was drawn to your website and asked for the healing. Thank you again. Love and light." Sylvia

David, I want to Thank You for your inspiration. While I was having my quite hour, I felt a peace that was wonderful. It was as if I had stepped out of a cocoon into fresh air and I was looking around for my new life. I kind of felt drained and sleepy, and need of rest. I want to Thank You again and my God Bless you for the lives you touch. Sylvia