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"Dearest Merlin: Just, simply WOW!!!!! At 11:00 o'clock sharp (thanks for the punctuality) I started feeling this amazing acceleration. I mean, I felt that before, often when I relax, or when I wake up after an intense dream, but never like that! IT WAS REALLY INTENSE!! A little while before that, and after trying to control myself, I started feeling this pressure in my head that intensified and diminished repeatedly. After another little while I felt this explosion inside my chest that filled me with peace. I think it is worth to mention that I felt this comfortable warmth all over the process, which stopped after 30 minutes, or maybe 35. That's when I knew it was all over. THANKS, DAVID. It was the most intense feeling I've ever had since I started in this kind of things....What's next? THANKS SO MUCH AGAIN." LAR (Mexico)

Having found a quiet, sheltered place for these sessions, enclosed, with no clock or time indicator, I settled in with a friendly chunk of anyolite in assistance, did a yoga joint rotation, followed by a cleansing ritual interspersed with quietly viewing the colors and images appearing third eye. I am not skilled with visualizing. In the past images would float in at third eye but, though clear, they would float quickly out of sight not to return. This time images appeared stationary. One was of a large house, rotating as if on a computer screen, turning to show all views then what seemed to be an ex-ray view. Then several houses appeared and drifted up and away. I also saw different colored pyramids of small balls being sucked up a tube or vortex and away. Somewhere along the session I felt a sensation moving up, down and up basic chakras. When I felt complete it seemed as if a long time had passed, much more than a hour. However, again, when I left my sheltered place the clock read 9:56. Laura

Hello David. Session began a bit rough but settled out. Saw faces up close peering into my eye and face. Interesting. Seemed to be mostly of a masculine inclination. Felt some physical probing. Had a bit of a time getting to the awareness that I am TRYING to do something during the session but would rather just be letting it be. Suddenly felt strongly that it was finished and I did not want it to be - I was having a good time - looked at the clock and it was 12:24 here. It went quickly. That impresses me - the clear feeling of completion for those sessions. My response to aggression is coming around to something familiar and comfortable - a sense of humor and calm. A more productive line of thought and expression, increasing ease in taking necessary action. And I have a sense of a new entity or aspect of myself offering a hand. Possibly a descension coming due.... Laura

Dear David, I purposely waited for these extra few hours before sending you a message.....I wanted to make sure that I really am feeling better, and I AM! I laid down at 12 noon and stayed still for almost an hour while you sent your Healing. During the Healing I felt a)))) wave ((((of energy working from my toes up to my head. Some areas seemed to be receiving more energy than others - I guess this is part of the Healing? It is now 5:45pm and I still feel as if the constant/persistent weight that was keeping me tired, even exhausted for the last several weeks, has been lifted at least 50%. It feels wonderful - THANK YOU... Kind Regards. Linda

...I thank you for your gift of a one time healing, it means so much to me....I'm still feeling better! Linda

"The session with David was very powerful. I felt warm, soothing energy surrounding me and coming directly into the center of my being releasing long held tension and tightness in my back muscles and spine. I was left with a deep feeling of peace, stillness, and love. I was held in universal loving healing energy until the process was complete. It was a very sweet experience of dropping into my own body more fully and coming home within myself" Lisa

Dear David, thank you very much for the healing session yesterday. It was rather amazing. Something really huge got released from my throat (which has been pretty much closed all my life) It looked/felt like a very large net-like thing. The energy during the session was mostly in my upper body, but there were some connections made between upper-lower and left-right sides of my body - left shoulder to right hip and right shoulder to left hip. I felt a lot of connections being made from my throat to head and heart. It now sort of feels as if I'm walking around with my head in my heart and I'm looking out of my heart. It feels like I have a lot of integrating to do to fully see with my heart. And I felt a lot of energy in my face. I don't know what that was about, but a lot of energy has been focusing there the last couple of months when I'm doing healing work. I was wondering if it's burning away the masks I wear. I am thinking about doing some advanced sessions with you later in the summer or fall. Love and Rainbows. Lois

"David's work is exceptionally powerful and effective in clearing away any impediments that may stand in the way of experiencing one's authentic self and or power center. This is way beyond meditation and self healing, even though these are of great value. David's channeling of his higher self facilitates one's going into their own personal darkness in order to fully gain awareness around it which transforms the block or impediment and allows a greater God Space to be present within oneself. David's work is highly recommended to those that are on a Serious Spiritual Path of Power, Love, and Awakening....Only the Most Sincere need apply because this work involves the task of being very honest with oneself and of all the aspects of one's being-ness." Lisa Chapman

During the session I felt parts of my torso warming up. I also experienced tingling in my finger tips and toes. This is quite interesting. Thank you....Loretta

I am a lot calmer when dealing with people, more expressive with my emotions, I have also lost weight and still am losing....so I know it will get better...Loretta

Hi David, you know I actually feel calmer... I seem to be more focused... which is great because as a rule I am all over the place... I am also a lot calmer when dealing with people too... which is good! I know that we must be going much deeper into this, at times I don't sense anything but I feel something is happening because I do feel much lighter, it is very subtle at times (I really do appreciate what you have done for me David!). I am so curious what we are uncovering but I know all this will eventually be revealed to me one day when I am ready to process all what is happening to me....Loretta

Hi David, what ever is happening on right now feels like a lot of yucky stuff is oozing out of me...I have been feeling rather off kilter as of late...it must be the healing...I figure there must be a lot of suppressed emotions I kept a lid on for too long...and some of these emotions feel like they are not part of me but belong to other people (like I became some kind of human garbage dump to some people's emotions over the years!!). God there are so many thoughts and emotions I still have to sort out...I know it can only get better, but damn I feel like I am swimming in shit (pardon my French!)...thanks again...Loretta

Hi David, just thought I get back to you about the session. We must be getting deeper into this work....I can't believe its been a year! I certainly do not feel like the same person, yet I know there is still a lot of work to do. I can't help thinking there are going to be some major, major changes happening soon. I can't wait to see them! This has been hard work, not always easy, but definitely worth it. __has noticed changes in me this past year and frankly, I don't think he really likes them. He doesn't know that I have been doing healing work with you. (Knowing __, he would try to prevent me from doing it, and yeah, I do sound rather angry at this man, it seems lately I have been angry at many people in my life) I am becoming more assertive with him and with people in general, which is good, because I am getting sick of being a doormat. I am beginning to realize I DO deserve a better life. One that is full of Love, creativity and happiness. Areas I have seem to have lost contact with over the past few years. This is incredibly rewarding work David and I am so grateful that I am working with you... many thanks again...Loretta

the sessions went well David...the first one we did I was walking home from work when you started...I felt very invigorated when I was walking home...the second session I fell into a deep sleep ...my ferret Harpo woke me up around ten minutes to 8 (I think that might have been when you ended?).. Harpo scratches the bathroom panels to get my attention to either feed him or get him some water...He has me well trained indeed! Also, I am finding that I am able to express my emotions a lot better ...when I get hurt or mad I am able to release them quicker, they don't get stuck in me as much, if this makes sense?... this is getting very very interesting...I can't wait to see what we uncover...thanks again...Loretta

"I would like to thank you for the session. First I didn't know what to expect and what to feel so that's why I gave you as much information as possible to let you know what I felt. Now you gave your view and I now realize it was the session. Well it was me (my own energy system) but you send your energy etc. and together it indeed caused a lot of acceleration. Thanks." Manon (Holland)

"David, I'm so grateful. You are a powerful healer & I thank your guides too. I personally called in those who work with me when I give healings: Michael, Raphael, Uriel, & Gabriel, the Goddess Energy, my higher self, my guides. We had a wollop going on here. I felt the energy scanning me up & down & then that deep (high frequency) & profound stillness & peace that comes with a healing. I fell asleep & awoke at 9:20 & felt I should turn around so I did. I stayed that way till 9:45 & then at 10:05 I was finally able to scrape myself off the bed. (You know the feeling). Again, my blessed new friend, thank you. I really needed that & had no one who was available." Marcy

"In a word, 'acceleration' sums up your work for me. Also, 'clarification'. Issues are being clarified, and insights weave themselves into workable and cohesive answers with wonderful ease and rapidity. Disconcertingly so, at times, as incompletely released or resolved issues "blow up' unexpectedly, demanding immediate clearing and integration. There has been a noticeable increase in my clairaudience, clairvoyance, and general clairsentience. No, I still don't always heed it (hence the 'unexpectedly' above), but trusting and accepting the validity of my channeling has become easier! Bits and pieces of information - all necessary parts of the puzzle - now pop up unbidden. Lovely! Thank you so much for being who you are; for your kindness, gentleness, lovingness, and willingness to help. You've shown me, by example, what it means to focus on Light instead of seeing darkness everywhere. Thank you for everything! Blessings.... PS. While you were working I experienced numerous (I lost count!) clicks in my neck - like an Angelic 'adjustment,' to use the chiropractic term." Marga MacKenzie Thomas

Dearest David, Last Tuesday evening went well. We as a family entered into a state of unconditional love. We are so blessed to be a family. I chose well this time! We all felt an energy that could only come from the heart. I hope you felt it too. We will keep you informed with our transformation. Looking forward to meeting again next Tuesday evening. Rosemary sends you her love. We all do! Namaste. Margaret

Dearest David, Thank you for your "Spirit" being with us last night. We as a family really enjoy our hour of closeness even if it is only once a week, for one hour. Rosemary calls it her "healing hour" and my son calls it our "prayer time" (he's three years old). I wanted to say that I have experienced a surge feeling in my feet and up my legs to my knees. Other than that I have had restless sleep and a very busy mind after our session. The next day, I have this headache and it usually goes away within 24 hours. ????? Rosemary's legs are in constant movement while I hold her and after about a half hour, she falls asleep. My husband and son are also asleep after about a half an hour goes by. Our family seems more at ease with one another and not so "stressed" by everyday drama. Thank you again for being here with us and I hope we can meet in the "physical plane" someday. I guess if it is meant to be... then so be it. Please let me know what we can do to help you and your mission. Maybe "spirit" will help!! Love, Peace and Joy always! Margaret

Dear David, I just finished being open to your healing and wanted to let you know my reactions. At the beginning of the hour, I felt some tingling/vibrations in my limbs, but did not feel much else except restfulness for the next 45 minutes. I did have a memory of a girlfriend I had had in elementary school, although I don't think of our relationship as having been terribly significant. Then around 6:45 ET, I felt a lot of vibration in my body. There was also some whiteness, although not a profound white light. There were finally some twinges in my muscles, especially at the end of the hour when I had a cramp in my left foot. Also my right leg "pulled up" a couple of times from my hip! It helped that I had seen a photo of your face on the internet as I could connect with you during this experience. David, I deeply appreciate your Loving Energy offered in this healing. I picture you spending a day of holiness and service and ask God's Blessing upon you for all your loving work. Thank you. Marilyn

Hi David. Have I noticed any changes in my hashish smoking? Yes I have. I have reduced the number of joints I smoke a day from about 14 to 18 to about 7 to 12 (I don't smoke any "normal" cigarettes). And I am intending to keep on this reduction.... Also the consumption seems to start to change its nature from it wanting me to smoke it to me wanting it to smoke it or not. From an inner desire to an outer conscious decision process. Thank you... Martin

"It was great. As soon as we ended our conversation, I felt electrical surges all through my body. You have tremendous power. Then I saw flashbacks I don't remember them though. Then I lied down on my back, my usual position of meditation. I saw colored streaks of light against black background, like those scratch art pictures, then I heard "I love you" and saw a face saying it over and over to me, then I felt as if I was being held and rocked like a newborn, very safe, accepted, secure. this was the first night I have had a good nights sleep in 5 days....I can't wait to do another session....PS I was getting a cold, and it is completely gone." Mary

"Dear David, I am feeling great changes in myself. When I have misplaced something, I wonder where it is and then find myself standing in front of it. I am able to speak and think logically, and therefore communicate much better with everyone. I am taking much better care of myself, and am living "in the present moment" which is something I have not been able to do since I have been about 8 years old. Now I really trust that I have time to do all of the things that I want to do, and am much more patient with life's hurdles. When I have a question, many times I get a thought, which seems to be my answer. I still have some things which I am not totally sure of, but I still have work to do. I have been spending about 90 minute’s total every day in meditation, broken up into two to three sessions/day. Now when I meditate, it is like lucid dreaming. I see interactions and hear conversations with my children. I still only remember parts of it. I am assuming that I will remember more as I go. Thank you for helping me to find who I am, I really do believe that I am finding success. love and light." Mary

"Thank you so much for helping me to be more whole. I am so much more relaxed in myself and confident. I don't feel fear, and am aware more than ever, of the negative energies, and am better able to remove myself from it.... I am finding money everywhere for what I need and want to do. It started as small change, and I say when I see some on the floor, etc, "money comes to me, look, there's more." Then I began finding 1's that I didn't know I had. A few days ago I found a 20, stuffed in my car ashtray, and yesterday I found a 5$ check someone had given me.... (Another persons) distortions and projections really don't affect me inside anymore. I can see more clearly the reality of what's going on around me...." Mary

"David, Thank you so much for all of your help. I am so much more focused, productive, at ease, have much more energy, and am also healthier. As you said, each session has been different. Sometimes I think I don't feel your presence with me, yet I am always awakened fully at the end, which is always about an hour after we start our meditation together. I am able to be so much more accepting of everything around me, and better able to remove myself from the negativity, without causing pain, or discomfort to others. I no longer feel the need to attack, when someone acts in an inappropriate way. I am able to make choices based on where I want to go, instead of as a reaction to those around me. I am doing amazingly well given the situations in my life currently. I will continue with you to the end. I am able to see all to the daily gifts, and am now able to receive as well as give. I am hearing messages, and feeling guidance once again. I am feeling much more connected to everything. Love and light, God bless all of you and yours." Mary Pauly

Well, it is 11AM and I think that is the longest I continuously meditated without falling asleep. I created a sacred space by lighting candles and listening to energetic music. The first thing that I noticed is that I had to quiet my mind. Whenever a thought came up, I let it go by focusing on the Holy Spirit within me. I actually focused on the physical/energetic sensations in my heart. As I started to let go of my thinking my (a little), I fell deeper and deeper into my heart sensations. The next thing I sensed was Green pool in my heart (it was not as visual as it was a feeling and words that came in my mind) I was bathed in that green. As I fell deeper into meditation, I found I was holding/wielding a sword. The thing I know is the entire blade was taken away from me by another force and I was left with the handle. It was as though hands had come down and removed it without revealing anything but the removal of the blade. While in a deeper place I got the sense and energy of A Course in Miracles and a sense of you and I felt as though I ultimately did not need any of it. It is all within me. Then I got that I am a "powerful electric being" (something like that - I remembered the word electric). Throughout the meditation, I got a sense of many of the physical earthly issues I have been experiencing and did my best just to let it go to the Holy Spirit and my Higher Self. My ego mind wanted to analyze and look at those issues, but I surrendered them to my Higher Self with the faith that they will work themselves out without having to "try." Energetically, most of the time was spent in my heart chakra. Though it flowed between my heart and deep within my belly - maybe my solar plexus. Toward the very end I noticed a strong energy in my third eye. Thank You, Love-Matt

"Thank you very much for the healing. It was a good experience... I felt some pain, and then Tension-release I suppose ...a relaxation of that particular part. I felt moving fields also in/up my chest and my head... I did sleep well that night...." Merijn (Holland)

As beings serving beings, you have provided me with what I needed to move forward in reclaiming these parts of my soul that I have given away. I acknowledge the greatness of the Universe working through you to bring me the information I need (ed)...Mori

"Just wanted to say - THANK YOU! I am the most happy being in the Universe. I know that Friday was the best healing ever, because after that everything changed; at first, right after the healing I felt what I have never felt before, I felt no love for anything nor anyone I was just stone cold for a few moments and than my body or something in me started to cry just for a short time and I was just observing and then with my whole being I started to glimpse and feel LOVE so Strong, so Powerful, so Pure, so Happy; and I started to understand many things, which I could not grasp before; needless to say that when I woke up in the morning I felt or actually was 10 lbs lighter... ever since then I am changed totally in the way I think; I am sure the I AM just took over....Thanks." Nadja

...As for my feeling wonderful - that is because I choose to. It is just more profound after the healings, because I know I am clearing what is otherwise hidden in my cells. Funny thing is I even get to know who or what is being removed next. I finally put together all my nightmares I've been having while going thru this healing and what happens, that it shows me a face or a situation which is going to be removed next. Some of these removals are not as bad as others. Sometimes I get a lot of energy and a break for few days even a week and sometimes I get a horrible week and most of the time I need to sleep for hours. Most important is that I am able to experience the state of love so profound - I actually do not have words to describe it, it is absolute stillness yet feeling ecstatic movement in all cells, feels like fire but it doesn't burn, feels like one with all, not missing anything, very light like I have no body yet I am very much aware that I do. I call it bliss. And it lasts as long as I want to and during the day I can go back to it anytime, just by concentrating on that feeling. Nadja

Merlin, how funny, I was just now thinking of you, and how great I feel. I am thinking of all these people running around with all the baggage cords, thinking to themselves they are living their own lives and actually they are not. Now that it’s only me - I feel so free, like my life is just now beginning. The best investment I have ever done. When I think how people spend money on clothes, vacations, dinners etc., and none of those things will ever free them, how odd that slavery still appeals to them. Talking to many, many different people lately and finding out that all they ever wanted actually and do want is real LOVE, and all they have to do is invest in some healing and maybe feel uncomfortable for a few months and for sure Love will come. Go figure. I do thank you, Love Nadja

Hello David (Merlin), I did feel warm tingly sensations inside, mostly in the lower chakras and even on my legs, and I felt more peaceful than previous days (so that's a plus). But for me the most interesting thing was when I was conversing with my roommate... he told me about the dream he had while the session was going on (mind you he did not know about you sending energy, I just told him that I'm going to start to meditate and that I wish not to be disturbed at that time). So he tells me that he barely remembers the dream but he has not had one like this in a very long time, he described it as a positive and empowering dream with full of Energy, he was also fighting something in the dream but it did not feel negative at all. So I was like WOW! and that's when I told him about you sending healing energy (again I don't know if I should have revealed that to him considering that he holds limiting thought concepts but he seemed receptive to what I was telling him) so I hope that won't be a problem. So with that my spiritual brother/healer I'm grateful to have this blessed opportunity to start healing from the wrong choices that I have made, and I'm looking forward for future sessions. Much thankfulness and Much God blessings to you David/Merlin.... Peace. Omar