Spiritual Energetic Healing Treatments

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Included here are excerpts from a few letters sent in by clients. There are many similarities and differences in the experiences - since everyone is at differing stages of healing/unfoldment - but all are very fascinating and revealing. I share them with you that you may get a sense of the possibilities.

Testimonials - Experiences - Letters

"I have been incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to work with David Raphael Isaacson. I started receiving healing treatments on October 1st, 1997, and will always remember that day. My experience was so profound and quite unique compared with the many great healers I have worked with since 1980. During David's' process, I felt numerous sensations in my body : heat, pressure, tingling, jerking motions while being energetically adjusted, visions and colors, relived past lives, profound peace, and much more. David was able to help me clear so many of my fears that kept me from being fully self-expressed. In the past I had a morbid fear of bees and drowning. After clearing a particular past life where I had been stung repeatedly and then drowned in a river, I now no longer fear bees, and swam in the ocean for the first time in my life. The benefits are life altering after two months of working with David on a consistent basis; - My clairvoyance has become extremely accurate enabling me to help others with readings and clearings. - My inner vision is uncanny, I can see energy, both auras and deeper chakras, and visions of future events. - I am now an animal psychic and love it. - Increased abilities to heal and clear others. - Able to do shamanic journeys, remote view at will. - My personal relationships are 100 X's better... no more buttons to get pushed. - I have a greater sense of who I am and why I am here. - I have lost 40 pounds and now exercise on a regular basis (which I used to hate). - Greater ability to love unconditionally. - My friends say I look younger & brighter. (and many many more) David is a deeply caring & loving man who is passionate about his work. He loves to help others transcend blocks and fears, in order to grow and evolve into a fully self-expressed human being....I feel David's gifts and talents are way ahead of the times. I pray for the day when he will work with the multitudes, and our planet and universe will be love unconditionally. I highly recommend David Raphael Isaacson to anyone who is courageous enough to face their own blocks, fears and darkness, and change their lives permanently." Anita Christina Stewart

David, Thank you for the first session. I went into some rapid eye movement and felt energy rising up my back and into the top of my head. Extreme pressure in the top of my head and a little coming out of my third eye Chakra in strands. There is still a little left in the top of my forehead. I will be in touch thank you. Sincerely. Audrey

"I felt very peaceful as if a burden was lifted." Barb

Hi! I received my Healing from you today.... This was the first real healing session that I have ever consciously gotten and it was truly amazing. I am at the very beginning of my spiritual journey and I am unfamiliar on how to exactly explain what happened to me. I most definitely felt the energy. My body was twitching everywhere. It made me hungry for more. I also felt as though there was a magnet that was pulling a lot of the negative energies that I have stored inside me. I also felt like there was a presence there with me.... I want to thank you so very much for this! You are a truly amazing person!! If you are ever in my part of the country I would LOVE to meet you in person. I look forward to hearing from you and also hopefully working with you in the future. Thank you so very much! Beth

I am so glad that I have come in contact with you. You are a truly amazing person and I feel that you are going to give me some very big jumps up my spiritual ladder. Beth

Hi Everyone, This morning I received a long distance healing session from David Raphael Isaacson. This is what I experienced: The energy came up from the earth, and in through the bottom of my feet. It felt like it was full, warm, gentle, and very soothing. It moved slowly up through my body. Along with the feeling of the energy internally caressing me, I saw an image of me sitting in an empty bath tub that was slowly filling up with warm soothing water (energy). I felt the physical sensations of that image:) The energy would stop for long periods of time at some problem areas before continuing its journey upwards in my body. It felt like a "manual kundalini" session. Meaning, that my kundalini energy was being intentionally set to run by a "manual" means. It did not rise any higher than my solar plexus (front and back). I was longing for the energy to move up higher, but it would not. My third eye was receiving healing information at a higher level than I was consciously able to interpret. As I write, my first, second and third chakras areas of my body (front and back) feel itchy inside. I am craving a strong flush of energy to move through my body to rid me of the itchy feeling. I could sense that David was using caution when channeling through this session. It felt like this session was intended for both of us to "get acquainted with each other", and that the advanced session will help to flush the itch that I feel... Thank you so much for the healing! Love and Light. Carol Saunders

"After reading thru your site on Tantra, on matchmaking tonight I thought it must be connected.... You had given me a healing on Sunday, Jan. 9th. I met a soul mate on the 13th that is so much like me! He and I are still together and becoming closer everyday. He's 12 years younger, and like a girlfriend, friend, lover, everything. He's also teaching me tantra." Cathy

"I did not feel anything at the time of the healing or for a couple of hours later, but I did notice later in the day a shift where I was not as stressed or anxious and felt very loving. The next day (Monday) I had a meeting at work with a difficult person who ridiculed me undeservingly in front of top management and it didn't even bother me - usually he can press my buttons. So I do think there was some effect. Thanks! "Colleen

"David, Thank you so much. Here's what happened: I felt a strong amount of energy around my head as you were focusing on me. Then I heard a prayer that sounded like, "Help remove that which is impure and bring more love to me." I felt energy flowing upwards, a tingling in my 2nd chakra and energy in my heart. I also had a conversation with God. Tears came to me briefly. At the end, two surges of intense energy and a coolness when it was over. Then warmth came to me. I slept for about 45 minutes afterwards. Namaste" Cathy

Not sure exactly what happened last night, laid down on the living room floor at 10. Right away my hands got really hot, like when I am practicing reiki. I got a visual of a guy with longish brown hair, wavy, sometimes with wire rim glasses and sometimes without. I think the eyes were blue. And I got a visual of a tattoo either on the shoulder or upper arm, that was a pentacle or a star, not sure which. I was seeing flashes of yellow, like in lightning bolts. That was in the first 5 minutes I would say. After that I keep drifting in and out. I didn't really feel anything else except at one point I had a shooting pain down my left leg. I was finding it really hard to stay focused which is unusual for me. Today however I was really tired and had a headache most of the day (which could be attributed to the rain). Thank you so much for your time. Blessed Be. Crystal

"It is such a great pleasure for me to tell you about how David Isaacson has influenced my life. I first met David when he was an acupuncturist in Portland, Oregon. At the time, I sought help from him for stomach and stress problems. He really did help me to relax and feel more in control of my life. I met up with David again in California and couldn't be more thrilled that we both live in the same state again. David explained that he was doing different higher consciousness work. I went to a healing, not knowing what I was walking into. I had no idea what to expect, but also did not think or worry about it because I trust David completely. He truly exudes such a feeling of peace and balance. I feel peaceful just being around him. I stayed for the healing, which consisted of, what seemed to me, to be a group meditation, although I know there was a lot more going on than just that. I'm still not even sure of what exactly does go on at the healing session, but I can certainly say how they have affected me....The first time I went to a healing, I was going through a strange time and felt confused and clouded about personal problems. I was amazed at the clarity I felt in the weeks after the healing. I think that it is so easy to go on through one's life with a cloudy mind, not feeling in control and not capable to do anything about it. Being able to clear my mind has made so many differences in my life. There are so many things I can mention, but to name one, I am happier. That's a big one! People also treat me better, more people smile at me, people are more helpful toward me, and I have a much more positive outlook on life. I am a second grade teacher and I told David that my students probably had not been paying attention to me. When I feel clear and happy, my students probably notice more than anyone! I really feel like a better teacher and know I know that my students are more attentive. I also enjoy my job more when I feel like this. I look forward to going to see David as often as possible. I feel I get to live this life just once and David is a guide to get me to reach the highest level of enlightenment." Deborah Pritchard

Greetings, I was a bit put off with the Merlin magic stuff. But I have read almost every word on your website and found not magic but truth and understanding of issues most westerners could not even begin to fathom....Dede

Dear Merlin, I asked for a healing on 3-26-00, at 4:45PM. I felt your presence around my head and heart area very strongly. I felt a great peace over my being. I now feel more of a flow when I do my healings. I will be in touch with you. I'm still feeling the connection! Thank You. Dianne

David, I certainly did experience something last night - something pretty cool. I felt like I expanded and eventually contracted. Like a bubble...Seemed like a very good thing....Best wishes, Heather

"No plays of light or anything of the sort. A strong pain in the third eye region and in the back of the legs. So painful I had to bend my legs on my stomach several times. Towards the end the pain in my legs moved to the spine, the triangle right above the coccyx. I couldn't sleep afterwards. I was very awake, only slept for 3 hours this night. Today I had a session to give. I experienced the normal psychic awareness (no increase) and afterwards I had a splitting headache, which doesn't happen normally since the Reiki usually works healing on myself as well.... Maybe I experienced a healing crisis, I just have to wait to see the effect after a few days.... Well I finally contacted the tears... I knew the headache was holding back some tears. So it might have been a healing crisis after all." Hilda

"The second session was much nicer than the first one. Softer... A nice feeling of light. Mostly around the head to start, later it went everywhere, a little stronger around the back of the head, the back of the heart and the back of the first chakra. My feet were freezing cold, also a little around the back of my head. My legs on the contrary were hot and I was a little unstable on my legs after the session. The funny thing was I felt already some energy around my head the evening before and during the day my 3d chakra worked a little stronger (in a positive way). After the session there was a lot of thinking going on in my head. Today my head seems clearer, I'm not yet feeling ol'e ol'e. I still feel a lot of anger, and believe me I've worked years to get it out of my system, but it seems already less.... “Hilda

"I had a good cry during the last hour. It's usually very difficult for me to cry." Hilda

"I did feel very emotional during the session. First I felt annoyed, like wanting to run away, I tried to feel what was behind it and felt "trapped", especially at the level of my feet.... I just went for the feeling of being trapped. Afterwards my entire body felt cold. But all evening I was very cheerful and felt happy.... Today I felt more energetic." Hilda (Belgium)

Dear David, This was the first time that I was a receiver. I have to admit that I was a bit afraid, and it was not easy for me to surrender. But, once you have started, I managed to relax and to try to get the best of it. I've started to feel the energy from my feet and than up to the top of my head. I felt very warm, and I could feel your presence. I tried to meditate, and few times I could see some symbols, more like Indian Mandalas, but also I saw the faces of many of my fears. In some moments it was really hard to stay calm. I am not sure, but I still have a feeling that I was not completely opened, and that I haven't got a full benefit. Whatever, it was a valuable experience, and I have to say that you are a real expert. Thank you very much, and may the Lord bless you. Love and Light. Indira

I found that I have had more energy since Sunday. It has been noticeable...This is wonderful since this is an high stress week at work for me. I thought you might like some feed-back on Sunday morning. Jan:)

Hi. Received your healing last night. First thing: There was a communication about money. A question was asked," Did I trust you?" I said yes and then I was asked it again and I said I trusted and felt love for you. I felt love and loved and it was happy and peaceful. Then I was told that I would receive the money I need for healing. That it could come in a large amount and to use it for healing from you. "Do not use it to get presents for your kids, use it on yourself to send to you for healing." OK. I was then welcomed into something and saw space or the universe. I felt I was needed. It was very exciting and felt real. I also felt my metabolism had something done to it. The usual powerful sensation that I had felt in other healings wasn't there. I was thinking it was because I took 4 Motrin at around 4pm because of a headache that wouldn't go away that I had since that morning. I also thought the whole healing might of been about receiving the message.... Love - Jeanine

Hi, received the healing on Sunday. Was a little confused with the feelings I felt, mainly the pain. My left side felt very strange almost painful and then my hip had sharp shooting pains in it. Then it felt like I had a hundred hands massaging my leg towards the end. The next morning and later on during the day I was still feeling a little vibrated from the experience....Jeanine

...The last healing I received from you left me with feelings of being smart (?) It was a good feeling and one I wasn't use to experiencing. I am an art teacher and didn't think I considered myself as stupid but apparently I need a little help in that area.... Jeanine

Hi - Received the healing last night. At first I could feel it in my legs. I felt gently paralyzed and then where I had surgery started to hurt, well not really hurt, but made itself noticed. I have just recently had half a thyroid removed. Then my whole neck area in the front and back felt funny. All noises I heard sounded like they were very far away. The palms of my hands felt very full also (I am a Reiki master).... Thank you for the attention. Jeanine

Unbelievable! I have been doing so much work on myself and have been getting so much direct divine guidance over the past three weeks or so. I am vibrating so high now I just can't keep up with myself. I am love. Janice

Last Thursday I really *REALLY* enjoyed myself - went deep and floated as if receiving a massage.

My session was great - felt a deepening/expansiveness of being. Jerrold

Dear Merlin (David), Thanks for the Healing. I felt it enter my inner core and vibrate, like an earthquake inside, but pleasurable. I had a knowing about healing any dis-ease and burning karma so that I can be a clear vessel for God's healing. I thank you for being my teacher. Namaste. Judith

Hi David. It's taken me quite a while to continue our communication, but my shift was deep, powerful and I wanted to completely honor it. Now, I feel terrific and ready to continue my exhilarating journey. Thanks for your help. Kari

Dear Merlin, Thank you for the healing. I didn't feel anything, as you explained, but later that evening broke down in tears with my mentor, regarding whether to continue my business without operating capital. I was in a place of fear, and don't feel well today. I think I'm going through my dark night of the soul, and your healing may have accelerated it, which is good, cuz the sooner it's over and I can move on, the better!! Anyway, thanks again! Kathleen

Info on healing. Felt influx of energy throughout body and stronger concentration at base chakra/spinal column. Energy built up and slowly move up spine/core area up to the head. Then energy extended out from core area into chakras and finally enveloped whole body. Energy, light, consciousness continued to expand and heart chakra ballooned out until whole body was inside a large ball of light. Very blissful, and still feel cleansed and energetically enhanced and more conscious. Ken

David, Thank you so much for the healing last night! Without question you have enlightened methods and cooperation from great higher powers! Will be in touch regarding the advanced healing session... Sincerely, Ken