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tanya sheikh
How The Journey Began
When I was a child, I believed in fairies. And gnomes. And elves. And witches and magic of all kinds. I believed in star ships and faraway planets where adventures unfolded. I believed in all that one can possibly believe in. I believed in a universe that was sentient and alive. Most children believe as they are less caught up and tied into this particular illusion that we create together on this physical plane. Most children also “forget” this truth, this dream, and exclusively chase after what this world has to offer. What is “expected” of them, playing out roles that seem satisfactory, until they are not. I am one of those children that never forgot. Getting caught up in the demands of this world, yes. But perpetually yearning for that which had no name.

As seems to often be the way of one’s Being (to initiate the Journey through a crisis), all aspects of my personality and life started dissolving after the passing over of my father. A turning point though I did not realize it at the time. My real journey had started.

 Many years later I look back and smile at the perfection of it all, even though I did not perceive or experience it in that manner at the time. I have learnt to hear my rhythm, dance my dance and sing my song. Through all the journeying within, far out there amongst the stars, diving deep within that creative void from which all is born, an understanding has arisen of how to Journey. How to Be and Become All that I am, all that We are Together. As I look back I realize that I have been not only a trailblazer, a leading edge visionary but a map maker as well. Not only creating paths and walking them, but planting sign posts along the way so that others can follow, thereby hearing their own rhythm and giving expression to the fullness of their own Being in their own way. Each expression of Self is different but the journey is the same: to the heart of You. To the magnificent expression of your essence and truth. To the gorgeous, glorious beauty of the cosmic dancer within, who knows how to tap dance with the stars and make love to the wormholes.

 I have followed various courses, am qualified in many healing modalities, have relentlessly burnt the midnight oil reading until my eyes would stay open no longer, but the true learning has come from within. From the path that my Being laid out for me, from the journeying within in consciousness, from the infinite source which is my essence plugged into the God-Force of Creation. My work cannot be defined as it continuously and constantly evolves in each and every moment, whilst partnering with you, and partnering with the consciousness of Life itself. I open myself up to that which wants to happen in the moment and allow the dance to begin. We walk the edge together, co-creating with Life itself, with the pulse of Creation.

Are you ready?

Do you want to play?

Do you want to step out onto that edge and soar?

Spread out your wings and fly?

Get In Touch!

I offer several different kinds of remote healing work and transformative energetic coaching via skype. Prices vary depending on what type of work you choose to receive. Please get in touch so we can see what is right for you.

Tanya is one of the best healers I have ever worked with. I continue to rely on her insights, sensitivities, love and clarity to assist in my own spiritual path.
 David Isaacson

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