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Dedicated to:
The Amorous Amongst and Within
by David Raphael Isaacson

Thinking of You
Aching for your warm embrace
As the final touch of cold
in time - my last reward

These eyes grow weary
Can I see the vision of your loveliness?
Before fading into nothingness forever more

This heart grows weak
Can its love be fulfilled?
Before it stops to beat

Lovers gazing into each others eyes
Holding hands... passion to passion... fires entwined
Awakening in each others arms

Children laughing... and I dream
Heart torn from out of my chest
With yearning for you

Tenderly I Walk
I come upon the threshold of a door and knock
Thump. Thump. Thump
In time to beat of heart
Let me in I plead
And a door opens...
To vistas of green meadows and perfumes of flowers
As a cautious deer I walk
For here there are no pathways
Within your newly opened heart

Devastated Out of Love
Hey baby I'm your "Love Clown"
A puppet on a string
Jerk me around and
Watch me go up and down

He answered your phone your ex
And I thought
"Oh God, am I gonna be next?"
My heart jerked around up and down
It skipped and hopped
And then turned cold

Hey baby I’m your "Love Clown"
As you pull on that heart string
You didn’t care I was there
Annexed to your breast
As you pulled me around with your

Hey baby I’m your "Love Clown"
A ship tied to your shore
And my body is shaking
Like I’m sailing on a ship
At loose in a stormy sea
Tell me...
When can I be free?

Every Time We Make Love
Like kids in a candy store
Wide eyed
So many untried flavors

Like weary travelers in a desert
Drinking from a jug of water
The last drop is gold

Like standing in front of a firing squad
Before death touches
That last breath of air is the sweetest

And each time we part
It’s like I die another death
As I float lost in deep space

Like a mother giving birth
And the doctor cuts that cord
My life renewed in your arms (so many times)
All in one breathe

How many times will I die
Before your love will not be found
To bring me back to life

Forgive me if I hesitate
Forgive me if I cringe (just a bit)
When next you hold me in your arms
Only the wise lover knows where goes love

I Want to Lie Naked
With you all moon lit night
And dance
Gyrate my pelvis
Like Elvis - oooah
Like a hound dog - owww
I want to make mad crazy noises
In the wee hours of the night
Like a coyote - aw aw awoooo
Or a Wolf man Jack – growwww
I want to feel the earth
And your naked body
Pressed up against mine
Magnetic forces of nature
Can’t pull us apart
I want to be worked upon like gravity
Pulled into your black hole

Myths to Live By
An apple falls off a tree
And lands in your hand
Into your red succulent mouth
And you offer me a juicy bite
Ahhh... juicy Eve
And the snow on
mount Olympus
Breasts natures’ majestic peaks
Melts with the passions of our loves embrace
Rivers of life flow all around us
Watering the dry valleys between her legs
Turning the brown summer
Moist and fertile like a fresh spring
Electric lights and appliances
Mysteriously turn on all over town
As sparks of lightning bolts leap
From off our bodies
Animating the shadow worlds
With our love powers
And in the morning
Our charred remains only shall be left
Indelibly burnt into the earth like a
As little old ladies and little old men
Walk by – oo ahh... hands to their mouths
Tears in their eyes weeping
Over lost loves and compromised hearts
And a little sign will say
To all those who settle for less
True lovers die to the world
And live in paradise

Roving heart - restless passions seeking out
Millions of souls cross my life - yet you stand out
As a cruel tempting dream - A
midnight fantasy
Eyes meet - hands caress
Gentle flowing movements over supple bodies
Crying More More ever More!
Deeper than a bottomless pit
One bite of you is never enough

Inside my chest a hollow space
Indentation of your sweet embrace
Left lifetimes ago
Only you can fill - Only you can fill

I king warrior father healer priest
All victory meaningless without love
Meaningless without you

I saw upon yon lofty heavens
Looking down upon this earth
My old friend lover mother queen wife
And I a fool in love
Came down from paradise
To be with you

Now lost I below in this sea of earthly life
Where are you I cry?
True love is such a cruel dream

Confusion in the New Times
I found myself between your legs last night
I thought we were friends
I don’t know what went wrong
I said "Trust me I’m harmless
You said "Take me I’m yours"
(In not so many words)
With you all night
Darkness covered our self deceit
Mornings light brings to mind
I don’t know...
Who are you?

Diving into Deep Waters
My body
Into your cavernous mystery
Have I ever felt this way before?
And moan
And groan
And cry out
Again and again
I want more of you
To feel the presence
Of your love in my life
And dwell in this place
Within my heart

The Single Life
Watching movies alone
Pretending that woman
Sitting in the row ahead
Is your date
And you laugh out loud enough for 2
And then maybe she'll think
You are fun enough to want to know
Going out for dinner in a fancy restaurant
Pretending that woman
Sitting in the next booth
Is thinking
About being your girl for the night

Pretend Lover
Listening to a recorded message
From a woman who wants to meet a man of your description
But they never return your call
So you tell yourself that
They must be so ugly
No one ever really asks them out

So you call the long distance operator
And pretend she’s cute
And imagine she would love to meet you
(If she didn’t live so far away)

You take a bath late at night
With a candle flickering in the darkness
Romantic music playing in the background
But you scrub your own back
And then retire to bed
Warm yourself with an extra blanket
And imagine having sex with a woman out of a magazine
Maybe tomorrow I won’t have to pretend

True Love
It’s like throwing yourself to wild yapping ravenous dogs
(who is the alpha animal now?)
It’s like stepping in front of a speeding Mack truck
(getting run over is the least of your worries)
It’s like jumping out of an airplane ten thousand feet up
(with no chute... hey, where's my safety net?)
It’s like walking off a pier into freezing bottomless water
(sharks jaws snapping open and shut)
It’s like lying down on a busy street corner in NY City
(drivers zooming by with only love of money on their mind)

No one is forcing you to do these stupid things
You’re a free willing fool
No one else is too blame
And you had it so nice and easy
Sitting pretty happy content with a beer in your hand
Money in your pocket
All the free time to be had
Your can see any movie you want day or night
Go for a walk stroll in the park
Eat out everyday
Don’t have to shave your face
Wash your feet
Comb your hair
(Or even change your underwear)
Don’t have to take no for an answer
Be told where to go
What to do
Don’t have to dress real nice
Walk in fancy tights or flashy shoes
(sneakers would do just fine)
Don’t have to be late for every movie
Pay for 2 meals
Don’t have to deal with anyone’s mood swings
But your own
(And you can see them coming)
True love....
I will take that any day

In a Blink of an Eye
I am next to you
Loving you
With my eyes
With my hands
With my heart
With all my other parts

As time goes by
I still yearn for you
Another glance from your eyes
Another touch of your hand
Another soft caress of your heart
Loving me with all your parts

As we have done
A thousand years before
To part and meet
You with another face
In another time in another place

You Left Me
Like a lost puppy dog roaming the streets
To fend for myself
Licking my own wounded heart
I shouldn’t blame you
I took your love when you offered it to me
And I knew you would go
One day..... go (!?!)
But how was I to know
I would fall in love with you

In Her Arms
I enter your cave
Deep and dark
It surrounds me as a veil
A gentle mantle of your gentle loving
Is this real this love?
I seem to remember this place so long ago
Have I found my way back?
Back into your loving embrace
My precious
Love of my life
It seems so strange now
So new
To love you
And you
To love me

After the Loving
I cannot but help appreciate beauty
In all its names and forms
But deeper still are needs to fill
Of a friend to share the solitude
Of a sunset or an ocean shore
There is no end to loves restlessness my friend
You touch my body my love
My soul cries for more
The feel of flesh is skin deep
Love is to the core
And friendship is the matter in between
That unites the two forever more

A Space Just for You
The sun is warmly shining
And a cool breeze blows
Outside these sheltered walls
While a storm is raging in my heart
In a place I've kept vacant just for you
But you still haven’t moved in

Dead branches broken off from my shaken timbers
Are laying upon this ground
And I don’t have the desire to clear them up
It’s been so long
I’ve forgotten who I'm doing this for

And the storm is blowing across the water
Rippling waves crashing upon the sandy shore
We once walked barefoot on

The muddy bottom stirs
Darkening water I’ve once drank and swam naked in
Emotions flooding over my mind and heart
Washing out trails leading to you

And my friends
Standing on the opposite shore
I hardly see them anymore
As I’m huddled in a corner

And winter scatters its icy cold flakes of snow
Upon my barren thoughts
As dark clouds covers the sun

No sound is heard
Where once was laughter and song
The forest ears are plugged up
Even I can’t hear my own tears

Looking for You
For many lives I have looked for you
In every face
In ever place
In every dream
In every voice

Carried upon the winds of time
I’ve cast this flesh
Upon storms of death
Transported to distant shores
Calling your name with every breath
My first to last

I’ve thrown myself to the edge and point of swords
Deliriously believing they were your arms
As your love pierced my heart

I’ve slaved in ground
Where drops of my sweat and blood
Were prayers sewn in fertile soil to sprout and seed
Scattered in the wind to land in your field

Sometimes glimpses of your beauty
Were reflected in a passing glance or a fleeting smile
I see maybe once in a great while

Even now your fragrance teases me
As I walk in a garden amongst flowers
And I pluck one up
Only to be bitten by one of your thorns
You my jealous lover

Touch Me
I’m tingling on fire
Sparks a flying - looking at you
Your voice is blowing into my branches
Shaking all the leaves of my tree
Your graceful walk upon the earth
Is quaking me to the core
No sculptor can match the beauty of your form
No movie picture can capture your fathomless look
I feel like the man on the ceiling of the Sistine chapel
God reaching down to touch my hand
Except it’s not him but you
Touch me, and I will be yours
For all time

Dangerous Music
Being with you
In a place inside I’ve not felt before
A tender chord you play
Upon my stringed heart
It’s a tiny place
I keep hidden from my own face
There are no words here
Only the vision of your awesome loving

This music that you play upon me
Upon my body soul here
Makes this shell that you see
Shake to be free of earthly conventions
Your beauty awakens dangerous music
In my heart

Looking at You
I breathe deep... ah...um
What an adrenaline rush
Gazing into your eyes – black pools
Orbs that reflect the mystery of night
Twinkling stars in the heavens
Ruby lips...I long to kiss
Red hot volcanic lava flows in my blood
Passions lap against the sand
Roaring surf beats in my chest
When I look at you

Waiting for You
Long lonely nights
I have spent longing for you
Watching TV
Reading a book
Going on a walk
Looking at the moon
Bathing in the sea
Laying under the sun
I have been waiting for you
Looking for you
In each face I see
In a crowd of eyes
In a sea of souls
Waiting for you

Natural Birth
White billowy clouds
In a clear blue blue space
A yellow ball of fire
Hanging in the sky
Clouds as curtains
Blinking over the light
Clouds covering a canopy
A patchwork
Quilt of trees and lakes
Mountains of breasts
Valleys of hair
Two bodies copulating on the grass
Rain bursting falling spurting from the sky
The earth shaking quaking
Accepting the rain into her depths
Heaven and earth
Birth of a new life

Ruthless Passions
We look into each others eyes
You are across the room
Sitting with your boyfriend husband or somebody
And I see into your soul
Ruthless passions unfulfilled

Early Morning Dreams
Treading waters of past memories
Stagnant solitary pools
Reliving a thousand lives
In early morning dreams

You Are a Poem
Words pass thru your lips
You smile and I melt
I want to read you from cover to cover
You are a mystery
Why does the poem that you are
Shake me so to my very core?
The reality of you
Makes these very words I speak
So very empty and meek
How can I think when you are?

Feel Me
Impressions waft thru my mind
You - delicate fragrance of a rose
Fill the chambers of my soul
Can you feel me?
Passion and spirit imbued on paper
Reaching out
You in my arms
Legs entwined
Lips meeting in public and private places
Union of psyche and Eros
Embodied in us

The DTs (detox tremors)
I have the love blues
Shaking quaking
Where are you?
I need a fix of
You on my lips

What Have I too Feed You Oh Love?
He stands in front of Beauty
Gazing at her richness
As a hungry starving waif
Her ruby lips pucker and pout
Her passions clothed behind soft breasts
What do I have to feed her hunger?
Those bottomless lips
That chasm of mystery
Last hopes of passions fulfilled
He shakes inside
Just for tonight
Let me die in your arms
As he gazes into her eyes
Dark mysterious orbs
Of forgetfulness and freedom

And I See You
Standing over there
Smiling out the window
Laughing to yourself
Or someone else
A private joke perhaps
I see you standing
Over there
I’m in love
With this private joke of yours
That makes you smile

And then you glance at me
Taking my breath away
And I can’t think
My heart beats
Like a dream in my chest
And I can’t speak
Fear fills me
To love or to flee
The clock stops
And I’m still waiting
For you to smile
At me

The Warriors Last Hurrah
A warrior calls from ancient times of long ago
And far away
Song of sadness
Song of woe
Song of love
Lost long ago
Do you hear my lonely cry?
Oh my beloved lady

At last my words reach you
From this battlefield of old
Only now after these centuries have flown bye
It can be told.........

It is deceivingly peaceful here in this vale
Brief moments between agonies breathe I
The hills are rolling green over there
Flowers where many a man shall last lie
Flowers marks the irony
Beauty amongst the decay

The stench of sweat and rot remains
From these last few days incense wafting in the air
Burnt offerings (to the Gods above, or demons here)

Hear we now the last drum call of the day
As men swarm across the hills
One last foray
Battle cries arise from men
Like babes cry
Suckling on mom’s dried milk-less breasts
No feed today
And they yell for more
Swords and arms cutting the air
As the dying cry for release
(and the dead have no more fear)
Loved ones never more to be seen

Some say...Hear our pleas
Let this war end here
With our blood spilt as an offering
To appease the angry Gods
But many cry More!
Like a hungry child can’t stop
Suckling blood from a dead mother’s dried milk-less breast

And the rains of death
Falls over my garments
Red drops of dew
Upon my arms and chest
Mark weaker men’s attempt
To delay their fates
Alas I shall join them soon
As my body grow faint and weary
From this soiled work
The harvester soon shall pluck me up
For the Lords Feast
My blood in silver goblets
My heart on plate of gold (I do pray)

Even now I see the specters rising
Of lost friends and foes alike
As mist in the night or in the cool morn light
The silver moon yon beacon to guide
Their loosed souls home
An end we all partake
To be at the Lords Feast
Some in ancient bodies old
But a warrior yearns it with vigor intact
With fire in our loins
Till that last stroke

And the lucky ones die...

Do not torture me to be old oh merciful Lord
Oh not to be enfeebled and lonely
A burden to the living a shame to be told
Behind worn bones and weary minds
Fearing a thousand deaths
With every cold lonely night
Unscathed the living
Carry their heart sores
To fester for the rest of their days

Let’s get it over with
Just one well placed blow
Let this dirty toil now end for me

Oh one final request dear Lord
One final thing dread death
Before this bitter sweet death
Is not this cause worth but one last hour
In the comfort of a friend beloved wife
Loved family at our side
One last hour of memories
Even the mere chimera
Of a short bitter sweet life
For when and what are we dying for
If not freedom for them all
Is this not a glorious cause worth an hour’s mercy?
Even the condemned to gallows end
Have this last of joys
I pray tell me
Before I last fling myself into deaths arms
Is there no more I can do
To finally appease this dark God Death?

Here comes I oh Lord
Willingly be led
Lead your humble servant in this dread deed
Only one other thing I ask as you take me to that place last
Send my spirit please to let them know
I shall not be home for summer

What’s love for the young who can’t see beyond the years?
Who can’t feel deeper than a passionate kiss?
But beauty of flesh fall away over time
And tears wash away the illusions of youth

Your Beauty is So Bright
And I a fluttering moth around your light
I am afraid to gaze upon your beauty
To get burned to lose my life
Take pity on my poor soul and take me home
But please...
Turn out the lights

The Poet Lover
I've wrecked my brain for a few good words
To fill your soul
So push aside the radio sounds
The pictures on TV
Make room for me
A few humble words to fill your soul
I’ve broken my heart for some true feelings
To fill your chest
So push aside your old lover’s woes
And make room for me
Simple loving to fill your heart
To fill your heart let me in
Before I fall apart and float away
With no place to go
No home to rest my soul
No love to call my own

Natural Love
I met her while walking in a lonely forest path
One mystic moon lit night
The wind was blowing gently thru her hair
As her aromatic musky perfume
Wafted into my nostrils
Touching an ancient remembrance of lovers past
Her voice whispered into my ears
Upon that steady breeze tickling my mind
With forbidden thoughts and deeper fears

“Come come to me.... only me... only me
I will never leave you... never deceive you
When you need me, I will be there
Only for you, all for you”

Her face glowed with moon lit brightness
Her eyes were the color of the skies
Her rosy full lips spoke of loves secrets
Her skin as soft as mossy fuzz glistening with the dew of dawn
And tall trim limbs hewn by times changing seasons
Trembling with her desires
Her embrace held me secure and steady
As the valleys depths hold the water as it falls
And she softly said at last to me before I left

“When you tire you may rest your weary body
Upon my sweet soft breasts
And lay for eternity in my moist folds
And you shall have needs no more
But live in my memories and be fodder for
Our children’s children growing from your strong loins”

And I smiled at her and kissed her adieu
With my longing lonely heart waiting patiently
For her sweet embraces never us to part
Till next we finally meet in that forest wasteland
She calls home
Mother Nature and I

A Kiss is as Close as a Word Can Get
No medicine that can resurect a heart that’s dead without you
Even the desert sun can’t warm this heart
The most uplifting music barely stirs my feelings without you to share
Exiled in a darkened cave far away from you
What can I do - I am blind without you
2 young lovers walk hand in hand thru the park
And I sit here alone warming my own hands
Writing words rather than speaking them upon your lips

Moon Doggie
Howling in the night
Moon bright shinning light
Up in the sky
Take my loneliness
This aching away from me
Howling howling in the night
Is there another who howls just like me?
Or am I the only one in this sea of trees
Under an ocean of these shinning stars
Howling howling in the night
Useless anger useless rage
You moon up high above
And I a wolf
Howling in the night

I Saw a Vision of You Today
Right out of a dream it seemed
I was driving down the road
And I saw you
Just a brief glance
And you looking at me
And I...  briefly looked away
Who did I just see?
In a moment I looked again
She was still there
Walking now away
But she looked at me... again
And I was still driving...  away
On automatic it seemed
Like the car was driving me
What just happened?
Who is this person?
Was this just a casual glance?
Or a meeting (however brief)
Of two lovers from a long time ago
Was she looking at me
With a surprised "What?"
Or just a casual "hello"
And before I knew it
In another minute
I was a block away
I must know
What if it’s the real thing
More than a dream...
My heart frantically beat
My body shaking like a leaf
I drove back to that very spot I saw her last
And she was gone
Back into the deep recesses of my mind (perhaps)
Real or a dream?
A vision to haunt me? or wishful thinking?
I don’t know
I still look for her each day
A casual glance may be all it takes
Next time...
I'll walk and stop and stare
Not run away in a car with a mind of its own

I Want to Reach Out and Love You
But all you’ll let me give you
Are my words and eyes
So be it
Perhaps it’s easier this way
I can’t contract any diseases
I can’t put a gold band around any finger
With just a lustful look
And I know there’s no commitment that binds
If I just say hi with loving eyes
I don’t need to hide behind dark glasses
I don’t need to watch a naked dancer in a bar
To see into each of your dirty minds
And I know your dirty laundry doesn’t
Hang in my bathroom
I haven’t to wear a mask on my mouth
I haven’t to mix my words in niceties
To keep from speaking my truths to a stranger
And I know your problems aren’t going to be mine
I'll give you my loving eyes and sweet words
Ill be your cheap low maintenance date
To top your day with just another interesting night
And I know and you know
That’s just going to have to do for now

Safe Harbor
Safe harbor in a stormy sea
That’s what you are to me
I washed upon a shipwrecked shore
Oh very far from home
You took me to your bed
And kept me warm
A long time ago
So far away from home
The winds were raging
The storms a blazing
My ship was torn apart
Upon these rocky shores
Cast adrift
Upon the sea of life
And you took me in
Made me glad that I was born
I’m now an old man
And you’re still my first mate
As we sail the seas together
You’ll always be my safe harbor
From stormy seas

Let Me Share With You
My pain
My joy
Two sides of one coin
Appreciate me in my totality
I am not always a bubbling well
Sometimes a mysterious unfathomable ocean
Go fish

Come to Me My Beloved
The night is cold and lonely
My heart aches with unspent love for you
My soul is yearning for the beauty which is you
Just to have you by my side
Arm in arm
Eye to eye
Lips to lips
As we grow old
Together time flows by
The snows of winter are upon me now
Cold and dark chills me to the bone
My heart finds no solace
In acquaintances of a different ilk
Where is that familiar friend?
The one I have lost so long ago
I have no distractions to hide my feelings from
Life has slowed down that I may see
The center of this tornado
Calm within the storm
All life is anxiously awaiting
Come come come back into my life (come back to me)
My heart aches for your comforting embrace
My soul yearns for your gentle voice
Let me breathe in thy physical form
Not just an ideal
To dangle in front of my face

Every Day
I think of you
Laying next to me
Hands and hearts reaching out
Mind touching mind
Beyond space
Beyond time
I am dreaming of you
A familiar face
A presence in my mind
A faint voice in the crowd
Words in a letter
Visions in a dream
Of long ago
The missing piece of my puzzle
The missing link in my past
And so I wait and hope
To awaken from this slumber
To awaken from this dream
Some morning
My soul rediscovered
In your arms

A Thin Veil
Behind a thin veil of illusion
That thin layer of flesh that
Separates us into two
That which I am
The essence which we are
Yearningly calls out
Come let us dare
Leave our fleshy armor
Now behind us
Lay those empty shells
As we melt and swirl
That which was I
That which was you
Into one ball of ecstasy

How Many Times
Can I talk and write and dream
About love
Before it really does happen

How many
Different women can I kiss
With feeling and true devotion
Before their lips all taste the same

How many times
Will I tell my life story?
Before it sounds like a broken record

How many times
Will I answer the singles adds
And not get any response

How many
Strange women will I meet in empty cafes
Before I just give up on reading stupid singles adds

How many
Women can I say “I love you too”
Before I start to believe my own lies

How many times
Will I keep putting my heart on the line?
Before I get it right
(Or die and old man)

How many times

Memories of Love
I look into your eyes and see memories
As ancient as suffering began
As ancient and worn as loves been torn
By death, by sword, by flighty passions lies
And I look into your eyes
And I see castle walls
Broken down by time and living
And you lay there defenseless naked
Just you with me
And I lay here defenseless naked
Just me with you
No barricades around our hearts around our souls
And your defenselessness takes me off guard
And I want to take you into my arms
And shield you from life’s storms
And take you home
And love you till it hurts
Till my heart bursts

Where Are You?
I’m walking on the beach
With the cool breeze blowing against my cheek
The golden sun is just setting
And I see multicolored angels
Dancing across the heavens
Where are you?

I’m camping in the forest
A crystal clear creek tumbles across earth’s verdant breast
The trees reach up to touch Gods eye in the sky
And the birds are singing spring love tunes
Where are you?

I’m returning from a journey that’s been long and weary
The world has become an ugly place
As the noises of the city hurt my ears
And I wait for a sweet sound to sooth my mind
Where are you?

Dinner for one I say to me
Candle light and soft romantic music
Tickles my head
There is always an extra helping of food
Left on the table
Where you should have been
Where are you?

The greatest movie is in the theatres tonight
I bought a double big popcorn and soda
Munching furiously I washed it down
Now I feel sick perhaps with the flue
Where are you?

I’m lying in bed as the winter cold descends
Sleep is elusive as old nightmares
And fears come back to dread
Where are you?

I woke up this weekend morning
Nothing to do
No one calling me to stay in bed
And I have an itch that I can’t reach
Where are you?

Have I Ever Felt this Way Before?
There is a place within my heart that yearns for you
That aches and moans and groans for you
And cries out MORE don’t leave me again
And I was just getting secure
To the presence of your love in my life

I see a million stars
When I look in your eyes
Not one of them comes close
To describing the beauty I see
When I am with thee

Beyond Words
I know the hearts reluctance to speak
When the pain of too much loving clouds the mind
Even elegant words can never do justice
To your silent Beauty

The Pleasure of Love
Like a flower that blooms in spring
Then casts its petals as memories into the wind
Come blow your scent to me
That intoxicating wine

A Private Joke
And I see you
Standing over there
To yourself
(Or to me?)
A private joke
I see you standing
Over there
I’m in love
With this private joke of yours
That makes you smile at me
You taking my breath away
And I can’t think
My heart beats
Like a drum in my chest
And I can’t speak
Fear fills me
To love or to flee
The clock stops
And I disappear

Throw Me a Line
I think I’m drowning
I haven’t had a breath of love for a long long time

The first time I came up for air my mother was there
Born me into this ocean so deep and so wide
Held me in her protecting arms so very very close to shore
But she had to let me go
As I could no longer hide in her constricting arms
Sink or swim
The current came and washed me away

Throw me a line
I think I'm going down for the second time

Then I floated for years
Till I let myself be drawn into another woman’s arms
For I had my fears
Forever floating in those lonely seas
Alone with no one to share my tears
Or glory in the joys of the years
But she tied my feet in webs of deceit
And weighed me down with lies of lead
Cold words fed into my head
Shattered my heart with broken illusions of
“We shall never part”
And happiness that never came to stay

Throw me a line
I think I’m going down for the very last time

New Love
It’s like newly pressed wine
One can’t drink it all up before its time
Only savor it
A sip... a sip at a time
Till it becomes old and ripe
And the last drop is worth the wait
Then death can come
But not before
Please not before
I’ll wait

You Who Are Standing There With Your Lips On Fire
Whoever and wherever you are
Kiss me
My passions fire has been watered down
By the absence of my hearts desire
Left unfulfilled in a dark drawer
Where I keep my underwear (and other secret treasures)
And all the love poems I've ever written for you are hidden there

Kiss me
Before my lips are wilty and dry
Like an old flower after a winters frost
Before the fire in my loins
Smolder and peter out

Kiss me
Before I'm too tired for loves games
To tired to care
Before I just lay down
To dream and die
Before I melt into the eternal stew
That ancient source
Beyond time, beyond human loving touch
So whoever and wherever you are
You standing there with your lips on fire
Kiss me
While I am still alive

Shadow of Love
Are thoughts real
Or just a game we play in our head
When life feels dead
And time flows by
Like it’s never going to end
Words just lie there
When spoken they're dead
Look into my eyes
Hold me close to your heart
(But nobody does that - anymore)
Why do we settle for words?
Shadows of love

Shattered by my love for you
I’m still trying to pick up the pieces
Call me Humpty Dumpty
I fell from the sky and broke upon your armored walls
The lover knows
Shatter the image (mirage)
The spirit shall be free

Reminds you of the times
We danced around the fires
Half naked dressed in feathers
Bodies painted in colors

Or cooking around the hearth
Orange yellow red flames licking
Animal flesh roasting on the grill
Corn bread rising in the oven
Black coffee brewing in a pot

Or living in a tee pee
Camping in the wilds
Told stories of adventure and daring
As white snow fell cold outside
We huddled around the crackling fires

Reminds you of something hot
Fiery passions shared
A warm comfortable bed
A couple of lovers
Joking playing making love
Burning up memories
(Of troubles rather forgotten)

Why settle for a cigarette
When you can have the real thing

I am shaking
I am quaking
Right now
My stomach is leaping up into my throat
My heart is throbbing thru my veins
I see you
And my eyes are on fire
With passions upon your lips
I can’t help myself
I am shaking like a leaf in a wind storm
I am quaking like the big earthquake
That will drop
California into the sea
And all illusions
And all facades
Drop away
And all my fears jump out at me
Like a sleeping fool
Wake up! Wake up!
Love is before you
And she is telling you
Wake up!

Treading stagnant waters of past memories
Reliving a thousand lives
In early morning dreams
Talking about ancient heart aches
Loves pleasures found then lost
Woman – treasure of the underworld
Where dreams reside in her arms
Forgetfulness of all our cares and woes
To see her face is to gaze upon the gate
Leading to another land and space
Set sail within her eternal horizon
Loose the comfort of the shore

For a Rose
Are you the flower I seek
In the garden of life
An imagined smile
As sweet as delicate petals
Opening in a spring shower
Laughter touching my ear
As a cool fragrant breeze
Sweet words tease caress scintillate
As they tickle my mind
Between twilight thoughts
A mystery awaits
With each passing day
And the suns rays
A flower unfolds
Another layer of your beauty

She is the Rain
Falling from cool white clouds
Upon delicate wild flowers
Wilting under a merciless sun
Waiting for her in a deserted field

She is the rain
Herald of life
Falling into my mind

Flowers don’t live forever
But it’s always raining somewhere

I wish I could be a flower
That grows all over the world
Then I’ll be sure to always feel the rain
Falling falling from her open arms

Can You Really Love Me?
Or so easily take me for a fool
I’ve tried to act so cool and crisp only as a ploy
Inside I burn and shake like the bush from the bible in a storm
Oh don’t you hear my heart crying for you
In a shy glance in a careful sigh


The veiled light
Behind the shadow of night
The mystery of the soul
Hidden in early morning dreams
Journey into the night
To regain the souls might

Imagine if you will....
A white light - brighter than a thousand suns
Yet easy to look at - no need for sun glasses
Imagine it all around and within you
Like a soft white cloud
And you walk across this space
Or glide thru it with grace
With no sound heard - not even your own heart beat
No sense of place not even a wind
To blow across your skin or face
Nothing to be felt or seen
And the peace and quiet permeates you thoroughly
Words leave you... as your mind and body
Are filled with this white light and empty space
There is only this - no time - no place - nothing else
And the emptiness makes room for more emptiness
Going on forever like ripples in a still pond
From one drop of water... plop plop drop drop
And ripples become storms
And sounds become symphonies
More complex shapes and revealing textures
Of places and faces
And then you appear to my eye
And I cry...
Because you are only a creation of my mind


Ode to Our Beloved Mothers
The sacred hoop of this life
Is held together by many thin threads
In the dear thoughts of our mothers
All strung together as links in a chain
Minds tied to minds by gentle kind thoughts
Hearts held together by a little smile a welcome word
Hugging arms entwined to shatter lonely worlds
You dear mothers have brought us here
With your blood and tears
You have fed us from your own breasts
Raised us from the earth
To see us walk and stumble
Under your watchful eyes
Thank you mothers all and one

The Day Before Mother’s Day
A beloved friend of mine buried her son
In the deep womb of the earth
From whence he sprung, from whence he sprung
And I didn’t see her cry
But I know she died, somewhere inside
And another body is cast into the earth
Seeds into that dark womb
A fading memory in our minds
But mothers never forget

A Kindly Ode to Old Women
Maturity brightens your eyes
Kindness from a heart that’s been broken
Reborn in eternal fires of compassion
Fed by endurance of hardship and strife
You have seen years of darkness passing
And hopes of lightness come fulfilled
You know a multitude of pains not your own
Reflections in your children and grandchildren
You are the twilight - Most restful beautiful light
Respite from our painful emptiness

Amongst Friends
A veil of comfort surrounds my quiet suffering
Safe warm familiar faces like yours
Two friends hug each other hello, or good bye
And I feel at home

The Zone
Trapped in a world without time
Where sounds don’t rhyme
Colors and shades collide
You see a signpost up ahead
This is no ordinary life
You have reached
“The Processing Zone”

The Big Picture
One drop of water
Falling in a storm
A single round pebble
Laying in a river bed
A solitary evergreen scrub
Above the tree line
Lone foot prints
Across a sandy beach
A man sitting by himself
Eating pop corn in a movie theater
We are all individual parts of a greater life
Just look around and see

Last night I set my alarm clock to ring at
5:30 am
It didn’t go off
I woke at
9:35 instead.
I turned around to say to my wife “I love you”.
She said “I'm leaving you”
And walks out with our kids.
I rush to get my clothes on, but find all my underwear in the wash.
I manage to find a slightly used pair in the hamper.
I don’t have time for breakfast (already an hour late for work).
Since my wife took our only car
I had to walk to the office
Stepping on a crack or two in the sidewalk.
Just then, my mother fell down a flight of stairs and broke her back.
Arriving at work, I put a quarter in the coffee machine.
Down came a cup, but it didn’t fill with coffee
The boss calls me into his office.
I tell him why I’m late and apologize
“It will never happen again” I say
He says “tough shit... your fired”
I go for a walk in the park
A mugger jumps me and I yell for help
A policeman strolls by
Looks at me with a stupid grin, and walks on
I get up off the ground, a bit bloody and bruised
I see an old friend walking towards me
I wave hello “am I glad to see you”
He passes me by without saying a word
I still have a bus pass the mugger didn’t take
I wait at the bus stop for a bus to take me home
“The bus drivers are on strike” a man laughs as he drives away
The exhaust of his car choking me till I puke
I see a church down the street
I walk up and try the door ... it’s locked
I walk back to the park and lay down in the grass
I’ve lost my wife my kids my job my friends
My clothes are all dirty and torn
I’ve been beaten up and all my money is gone
Not much worse can happen... I think
A few minutes later, a dog trots on over
I say “here pup” about to pat him on the head
He lifts his leg and pees all over me
Go away... “Man’s best friend” indeed. Ha
Just then, that same police officer sees me, and strolls my way
I think “ok, he’s going to help me now”
Instead he says “Move it. No loitering on the grass. Don’t you see the sign?”
“Sign? What sign?”
“That one over there, behind that tree”.
It said “Surprise, your bad karma has finally caught up with you fool”
Just then, I wake up in my own bed... warm... cozy. What a nightmare
 I look at the time -
9:35. I turn around and say to my wife “I love you”
She says “I’m leaving you”.....

There’s a green dragon that lives in my cave
I’ve kept him locked there for many a year
When last he got out he burnt every ones ears eyes hair toes nose...
Broke even a few bones
So I keep him locked up behind walls of steel
He’s that wild part of me that no one sees
Women and children would scream run away in fear
If they had but one look upon his awful face
They’d faint away in a
Since that time I’ve put him away
I’ve been a lesser man with greater need
No longer have I strength that legends made
As I a Samson shorn or passions gave
That nations born as Abraham our patriarch
Or women desired her bed be warmed
So here’s the key...
Dare I let him free?

A few questions trouble
The stillness of my mind
Disturbed by thoughts
Of a time long (past) gone
I’m running through this concrete forest
Like an Indian – wounded pride
Lost from my tribe
What am I doing here?
Reclaim my dignity
My animal spirit
Come back to me.

Jesus Came to Church Today
We hadn’t seen him for a couple of years
And we were all sort of surprised
In fact we were quite shocked
If it wasn’t for his halo
We would have thought he was a bum off skid row

Santa’s in a Slump
I saw Santa panhandling in the streets (again today)
Tattered red clothes (faded and stained with dirt)
Dirty grey beard (yellowed from too much smoke)
Mrs. Claus left him for the delivery man (many years ago)
Rudolf and the other reindeers were impounded (after Santa was caught DUI)
His elves left (to work in
Old Uncle Sam stole his good cheer (arresting Santa for unpaid back taxes)
So Santa is drowning his sorrows (in spiked egg nog and booze)
Nobody knows this but you and I
“So who’s taken his place?” you ask
Take a guess?

God in the Mirror
I was looking into the mirror
And I came to see
Looking at the face behind my face
You looking at me
And I said to myself
To you sitting there
I love you....I love you

He Sits Next to Me
This old man
Hermit of the streets
With cautionary politeness
We say cursory words
Nodding an acknowledgement
Father brother old friend
Who could you be?
Only a veil of skin and bones
Makes the difference

Angels – Ignorance is Bliss?
Floating in a sea of silent places
Between molecules of infinite spaces
Simmering under the light of infinite suns
Angels float above us
And fires burn below us
Do we see?
Living behind the walls of our scared feelings
Spinning around our small human egos
That make the little things seem all too important
And the passions burn
And the world turns
While most of us live in a bubble and say
“Don’t pop me I’m comfortable in my cage”
And our only hope is the weeds of truth
That break through the concrete of our lies

And all the preachers on every street corner say:
You going to Hell and Damnation
On the last train going to that fiery station
Way down into the pits of Satan
Just one way up and only they have that ticket
And we know Jesus coming back for your sorry asses
One mo time jus one mo time
On the last ride out of this dizzy dying planet
He’s taking reservations on that last train outa here
While the seatings fine.... first class... up that line

But they never tell you where you come from
Blessed are the babes and little children
Before you were born...
Do you come from Hell or from Heaven?
Do you know?
But I know this...
I’m going to heaven bound to that glory land
And I ain't coming back for your sorry asses
So long and good bye

From dreams of bliss shall men awake
One day but not to weep
They only break the mirror of thy sleep

The Animal Within
Howling out to the wind
Where do I belong?
What am I doing here?
Transplanted from another time
A wilder raw nature
Simplicity to life
Sheer survival
So clean so pristine
Now confused
Knocking head against walls
A new life now rules
Paperwork and pushing pencils

Endangered Species
I feel like the last dinosaur
A dying breed set apart to survive
Alone to fend for himself
In a concrete zoo or jungle vast
Extinct lovers in my mind
Sitting in cages with cobwebs for bars
Stuffed with shattered old dreams
And I feel like I’m the last Cro-Magnon man
Standing outside of a big garden
Adam and Eve inside loving each other
And I’m drooling over my naked hairy chest
My loving heart feels like an endangered species
Haunted close to extinction
By women with spurs for heels and war paint on their faces
And I feel like a little white mouse in a maze
Trying every which way to get the love I need
Instead, there is only a little piece of cheese
And I feel like I’m in a room full of people laughing
At a joke that only I don’t get
And I feel that I’ve been here so many times
I’m afraid even sex and chocolate cake may not taste great one of these days
And I feel like a cripple who has no place left to go for love
And the will to walk leaves him even though he still has two good legs
And sometimes I feel like I’m blind
And I can’t see the forest from the trees or true love from false
And I’m afraid I’m deceiving myself
That the treasure is within me or beside me all the time
But I don’t realize it because I’m looking at a dream 

Who Gives an F?
Cut off from humanity within the emptiness of our lives
Masturbating our minds with empty words
Everyone making love to sheets of paper
Imaginary conversations
While strangers sit next to each other at separate tables
Who gives a fuck what I write?


Poetry – Real or Imagined
Poetry - Is it for the lofty?
The silver tongued?
Who can say
As (if we live) in a dream or fairy tale
Where the hero kills his dragon
Or the king saves his queen
Is it the real life that counts?
Or the way you imagine?

Poets, or Spiders I have known
Here we sit to think and sift
Words of wit cleaver writ
Why we spin these webs of lines
But to entice query minds
Behind these doors of these 2 eyes

3-23-91 (Paul Bergner and I sitting at Café Lena?)
Sitting on fallen timber in forest vast one day
The sun sank beyond the horizon and night had come
Stars twinkling in the sky like Angels winking eyes
The fire blazed to warm the heart
And stories were told of 2 lonely lives
Years have past as son turns to man
In another place at another time
Father and son tell other stories to pass
Under the dark lonely sky

Trapped in a City of Paper Tigers
Wild paths of black asphalt for my horse
A horse with glass and round wheel legs
Cigarette smoke signals ascend above an ashtray
Pre-killed animals at Safeway
Animals stabbed with coins or green paper prayers
Shooting pencil arrows across empty papers
Cement caves house our wives
I turn on bonfires with a flick of a switch
And the sun burns bright at my fingertips
Magic powers at my control

Thoughts on Poetry
Breaking down walls
Walls that separate us from hearing
Hearing about lives behind closed doors
Honest words about the other side of living
Living desperately or not at all
Homeless people walking the streets or living in cars
Working dull meaningless jobs
Living alone or loving out of fear
And we put walls around our minds to shut all this out
Poetry sees behind the illusions into real human lives
Real suffering lost sad lives
Poetry shows the true behind the lies
Till no walls close me in
Till no walls close you out
Poetry shows each other who we really are
So we may informatively acknowledge and respond
Poetry is the key to the door of understanding
Poetry is the language of love

Writing Poems at Café Lena
It’s not so rude I hope you think
To sit in your presence and not listen to your words
I cannot help myself
Lost in a train of thoughts
Carried away by a feeling
Lost in a stray mood
You did this to me damn you poets all
I cannot help myself
You inspired me to no end
Lost with your profound words
Lost I am gone further out on a limb
Lost with your wily words
Lost you’d left me out here alone to fend for myself
Lost you’ve pushed me out of a safe nest
To fly on the winds of my own feelings
Floating like a leaf
You have cast me off alone
Don’t blame me if I sit here ignoring you
Writing frantically trying to get back to my own self

Open Mike
Open mike at Café Lena’s tonight
This must be what its like to be absolutely naked
Not “no clothes” naked - but no shields around your mind
With no shields around our nakedness
If reading poetry was a coup
I’d have a head dress of feathers

What is Poetry?
Why do people listen to someone read for hours
And not realize poetry lives in the now
It’s in the air we breathe and the water we drink
It’s even in the way you lift a glass of water to your lips
And the way you cross your arms and feet
It’s the feeling when you look in this person’s eyes
It’s in every thought that comes to mind

The Poetry Muse
The poetry muse bids her time
She waits for Aphrodite to have her way
If there were no young lovers
There would be no broken hearted poets
To write shattered lines to the jealous poetry muse

A Poet in Las Vegas
Lounging in a café
With strangers who sit in front of me
Papers clutched in my hand
I throw a line – which rolls across the table
Two patrons smile up at me
“Roll again” said the dealer
More lines I release into the air
After I breathe upon the words for good luck
Every one laughs and applauds
“A Winner” says the dealer
I take my prize and walk away

Poetry Without Paper
Throw away the crutch of yesterdays thoughts

To You Poets
The darkness of the night
Awakens the muse of the tongue and heart
An impassioned plea for light
Perhaps it is only then where I can see myself
In the mirror of my lonely heart

I am waiting
Waiting for the clouds to clear
I am waiting for the sun to shine

I am waiting
Waiting for my lucky star to fall out of the heavens and land at my feet
I am waiting for the planets to align for me

I am waiting
Waiting for my ship to come in
I am waiting for my caravan to arrive

I am waiting
Waiting for that door bell to chime and that letter to appear
I am waiting for that phone to ring

I am waiting
Waiting for that auspicious time when the days hours and moments align
I am waiting when everything fits in to its place
And then I’ll know I will have arrived

A Lonely Path
Smoldering sun upon my naked body burns
No armor, long spurned - cast off from battles won and lost
Ruins of abandoned civilizations lay about my feet
With each glance - signs and symbols do appear to me
And yet I tread onward on a trail still unknown to me
“Oracle of Life”... am I lost... or found on a lonely path?
All have gone in other ways than I
Do I follow the signs and ways that others failed to see
Or is it that they feared to tread?

Our ears are being seduced by
Typewriters going clickedy clankedy plunk
Cars zooming zooming vrooming puttering putt
People babbling babbling blaberdy blap
Empty nothings of words from diarrhead mouths and constipated feelings

Our eyes are being seduced by
Billboard advertisements that sell soap dope false hope
Television fantasies of naked women and fast action hype

Our mouths are being seduced by
Demineralized denaturalized artificial flavors and preservatives
The Nicotine fix - cigarette butts abandoned from stifled nervous lips
Empty calories shoved into ravenous bellies

In the New World
Everyone will be rich
House car boat
Wife kids friends
Job sports hobbies
Telephone television computer
Deodorant tooth paste
Laundry soap
Living will be clean and neat
Orderly and planned
Animals in zoos
Criminals in jails
Grandparents in nursing homes
Children in boarding schools
Freedom is lack of suffering
No woes no wars no disease
Man doesn’t die of old age
He dies of boredom

Just Visiting This Place
Drunk on an transcendental cloud
No one dares look in his eyes...  for fear of getting burned
Alone most of the time... no one cares to listen
Social misfit... as a dog relieves himself against a tree
A stranger... to kids playing soccer in an empty field
Introvert... to a woman in a car zooming by
A home... a family... a steady job
Elusive dreams of long ago
Living on every street in every house
Even in your heart
He can’t be contained
Only little children and dogs see him

Yeah, take another bite of that
Double chocolate chip cake
Fill your belly till you burst
And listen to that loud music
Plugged in to your ears and mind
Till you don’t think but are thought
Gaze into that TV set
Zonked out on advertisements
And mind fuck (ing) sit cums
Till your eyes are bloodshot
Knees wavery
Yeah, they say masturbation will
Make your hair fall out
But what else is new

So Feel the Freedom
Let these pent up thoughts go into words
And the words turned into birds
And flew away
Into minds ears that could hear
Never heard in this world
Within your mind
And the sounds are all around
Flowing upon the wings of winds (birds)
Hear the words
Carried upon the wind
From other worlds from other times
Listen to the water
Flowing across the earth
Listen to the mind of water
Bubbling words taking your old thoughts away
Into the wake of streams
Into an ocean of words
Humanities words washed away
Clear clear water liquid words
And a woman takes a sip of words
Cool ice cold words
Hot flavored words
I wonder what or whose thoughts she drinks
And the words whisper secret messages
Whisper a message to me
For only you and I to hear
Sip and listen......

It’s a Mickey Mouse World
How would it be if Christ came back?
And we had all the loaves of bread
And fish that we could eat
Let’s imagine for a moment
What miracle could be had
That would now move our souls
And Jesus Christ stood on
Mt. Tabor
(Or some such place as that)
And the people lined up
As poetry materialized on empty paper
Held in a dozen hands
And his 12 disciples
Amateur writers all
Gave them out to the multitude saying
Watch TV no more
But Read! Read!
And write to your hearts content
For the pen is mightier than the sword
And they said
If you have ears
Than you shall hear the poets
Reciting their verse
Touching your minds and hearts
And all the people were glad
And threw out their TV sets one and all
And lived happily ever after in
Poetry Land
As America was later called
(All of it except
Disneyland of course)

The Man at the Side of the Road
Tattered goodwill clothes
Bedroll of old blankets
Shoes with holes and worn souls
And all the cars pass him by
He’s out to discover his
Animal spirit
The alley cat
The lone wolf
The dirty dog
The horny toad
The dirty old man
Who wants an old broken down dog
Shabby and flea bitten
Hair falling out
Dirty to the bone
His life’s almost gone
Is compassion wasted on the old?
But only they know the meaning of gratitude


The Last Days
Sometimes I lay in my bed
Head propped upon a pillow
Gazing out the window
Billowing white clouds floating on by
Sun shinning thru the dark
And so I wonder...
Angel of death
When will you come?
Lift me up from this earthly pillow
I’ll be white as the clouds
Light as the air
Bright as the sun
And I imagine...
A choir of angels
As I’m heading into that great ball of light
Beyond the sky
Singing songs of enchantment
Beckoning beckoning
“Follow us” they will say
Reverberating with all might
One big happy party that will be
Then the peace of silence
And knowing of the One

I Was Thinking About Being Dead
Hovering above you family and friends
Elderly grand children playing in the fields
Sacred time never to be found relieved only in their minds
Between life and death a dream to youth
My lover humming a tune to herself only I can hear
And I want to have a smile on my face
And whisper sweet songs of love into their hearts
And rainbow rays of light into their souls
As I fade away... what’s next?
And then the sky opens up
As stars coalesce into one bright shimmering light
One last look below goodbye sweet hearts
Now, ancient friends and family come to greet me
Who have gone before me on that great highway in the sky

Death or Dare
When life is a choice
Of do or die - to live and try
Or step into a realm of deep dark sleep
Choose moment by moment to live boldly
Always choose not to fear but to love

I Belong Here
I belong here on this earth
I’ve lived here and breathed here
A thousand births a thousand deaths
I helped plant seeds of dreams
When time began
I’ve walked the shores of Atlantis
Built temples now under seas
My blood and flesh is the mortar of pyramids
Stamped by Hebrew slaves
My bones lay entombed in the earth
Of which you walk upon even now
And my ashes are scattered to the wind
Take a deep breath of me
My ancient deeds were sung in hymns
In languages long forgotten
My life blood was shed in battles
Enriching the soil for ancient trees to grow
Born from many mothers wombs
From many fathers seeds
(Maybe from you)
Mothers died in birthing me
Fathers’ braved barren deserts and frozen tundra’s
To find food for my hungry mouth
I have been your fathers your mothers sisters and brothers
From out of my body I've born and been your ancestors unto this world
And I have played games as a child with every one of you and yours
In fields of green sand swept deserts
Forests of trees leaves brown and gold
Women young and old I have loved
Giving up my life to perish in their arms
And the've loved me the same
I’ve died a dozen deaths on rack or cross
To give you freedom to pray or think or speak any thought
I’ve prayed a thousand Korans Bibles Sutras and Gitas
And a billion mantras for the salvation of all souls
I’ve traveled to the very ends of the earth
A dozen times to seek for wisdom
To give you light for dark nights
I’ve traveled the 7 seas to bring you exotic spices
For your table, goods for your holds
I’ve built most every great temple of worship
And art to inspire civilizations cradled in valleys of old
That we may all aspire to higher goals (yes I am old)
My heart was laid upon Incan altars, after being
Captured in many raids upon many villages
Conversely I have set many free
Don’t tell me I don’t belong here
Every where and everything you see and think
I’ve had my hand in forming
There and there and there you can see me
I belong here
Because I am here more than you can ever know or think
So when will you realize
I have been with you from the beginning
And I will be with you till the very end
(The end of time and all history)
So let’s be friends if not lovers
For I guarantee you’ll see a lot more of me
In one life time or another

I Have a Theory
Is your life so miserable?
Every word that comes from your pursed lips is as vile as shit
Your angry darkened demeanor frothing over like a plugged up toilet
As flies of evil thoughts buzz around your infested head
I have a theory
Laxatives do wonders for constipated minds and congested hearts

I am Every Man
Expect me
To love you
You don’t even love yourself
My affections fall into your heart
A bottomless pit
Look into the mirror of your soul
Reflect the love back into yourself
Stop clinging to me (I shall always disappoint you)
So bridge that chasm and fill your own well

The Walk
Took a walk in the mountains
By the falls, streams of water rushing by
Trees surrounding me
Rocks moss covered green and gray
Blue misty sky
Snow topped hills near by
Sun warming my face
And I thought
What would I be
If I lived like this every day
As the years past civil cares away
Who then would I be
Like an Indian rugged and worn
And the rivers would flow in my veins
The mountains would boom in my voice
The sky would look thru my eyes
The trees would grow strong as my limbs
The rocks would be as firm as my hands
The snow would be reflected as the wisdom of my white hair
The sun would shine brightly as my love
And I yearn for those lost years of a time long ago
On another shore in another age
Then and only then was I truly happy with life

I am pouring myself a glass of cool clear clean water
I turn on the tap and it flows out easy
And a child somewhere in a third world country
Is dipping a rusty bucket in a stream
Of dirty bacterial infested fluid
(Maybe gets dysentery and dies) 

I am opening the refrigerator pulling out
Some fresh lovely vegetables I purchased
From the grocery store around the corner
And a farmer somewhere in a third world country
Is scratching the dry dirt with a hoe
(Maybe starves)

I am driving down the road in my car
To visit the dentist for my semi annual cleaning
And an old person somewhere in a third world country
Is limping by the side of a dirt road
(Maybe coughing up blood)

I am warm and snug in my bed
Automatic heater and color TV humming in the background
And a family somewhere in a third world country
Is huddled around a small sputtering fire
Under a lean too while outside it’s raining
Wild animals are prowling and howling
(Maybe while two legged creatures steal them blind)

Yes the good old days were so romantic
Aren’t we lucky now to be alive?
Yes I am thankful I don’t have to struggle to survive
Like some people somewhere of another time

The Hero’s Journey
Devoid of laughter
No sounds of children’s little feet - Quiet evenings
Alone to sooth self doubts lonely defeats
No steady pay living day to day
Women come and go never to stay
Doing Gods deeds unrecognized by light of day
Living the odd life of a stranger
Fitting no molds like any other
Peoples visions of common sense
Wife family church and friends
Sports on TV a regular job new car
Who can I speak with? Who would listen?
Blank lined pages understand my position

I Remember
And I was there
As blood dropped around his thorny hair
Lashes of hatred
And a cross of wood strapped upon his back
Crawling thru the streets
This heart broken man
And a group of children laughing
And I saw him up on high
Us a crowd of beggars at his feet
Tears streamed down our cheeks
To see our beloved friend and teacher
Chest a heaving
And with his last breathe....
And still... after all these years
I remember
As he cast his glance upon us
For that last earthly chance
To look into the eyes of love

Who am I if
You take away the things I've done and said
If you take away my clothes skin then bones
Who am I if
You take away my memories thoughts and feelings
When I finally go in a puff of smoke
What’s left of me in your mind


Consolation Prize to the Abandoned Father
I am my son
When I smile and laugh at a silly joke
Jumping for joy when given a simple toy
I am my son
Stopping to gaze at a butterfly
Multicolored wings in the autumn haze
I am my son
When I look in the mirror and see his eyes
Smiling back with surprise
I am my son

Winter fades
And spring begins to unfold
New life - A turning point
When child becomes youth
Some toys become old
And new joys are explored
When my son turns 8 years old

My little Baby
I saw you smiling with your eyes
With a wonder to be alive
Seeing the world for the first time
Everything is fresh new pure and clean
And I caught your brightness and had to smile too
And your mother holds you in her arms
Before she puts you in your little crib
And I think I see your little fingers wave to me

Guide My Way
As illusive opportunities roll by one after another
Unfulfilled dreams grows darker and darker
The dark curtain of an unknown future gets closer and closer
Oh Spirit give me a cause to guide my way

My Ancestors
Their sacrificial blood spilt upon pure white snow
Bodies then cast into bakers ovens
Souls yeast rising into the heavens
On pyres of flesh their spirits soared
As strangers sifted the ashes of their bones
Cast to the winds to fertilize the earth
Living eternally now as flowers grown
White petals colored with drops of red 

Newton’s Law
I couldn’t prevent him from doing his dirty deed
As the renegade put a slug thru my heart
I said to him before I left
“You can have this body - It’s just a piece of flesh”
Helplessly I watched as my body dropped away
And I go to a better place than here
Peace and light and love galore
No taxes to pay
No more death to fear
(Ironically, only rebirth)
And all my beloved friends and relatives are there
A big party for my benefit they’ll throw
“Welcome home lost weary traveler” they say
No more to roam the dark shadows
Of the lower worlds
Come now see the Heavenly sights
Higher than the tallest buildings
Higher than the empire state
Higher than superman can jump
Higher than a bird can fly
Newtonian physics don’t work here
What goes up stays up
Such are the moral laws obeyed
When I go up there in the sky
I won’t come down for a very long time
And Ill piss all over you renegade
And you will think its rain
And when you bite the bullet
Eat the big one
When someone blows you away
Or you crawl decrepit for the last time to your bed
Your spirit will fall like an apple to the ground
And all my friends and relatives and I will be laughing
While the worms eat through your eyes
A rotten apple will never go to seed
Rot on the ground you serpent
Newton’s law finally gets you down

To the Man with the Skull T-Shirt
He wakes up at
7 am every morning
A cup of coffee java hot please
He says to himself
While lying under the covers
Alone in his underwear
And a newspaper on a chair
Still waiting for a waitress to step in and say
“Just as you please” with a grin
“As you like it sir would that be all?”
Just a dream... just a dream
But it’s my birthday today
He says to himself
And on my very first day on earth
There was, at the very least
A doctor or a nurse
To catch me at my birth
And mom and pop were there
Tangled sweat and blood in her hair
A cigar in his hand
“I am so proud of him”
He says to himself with a grin
But here I am
Alone again
Where is that nurse
Or that waitress to say
As you please Mon Ami

To Marti
Marti the slug had a slow day
A slow day
Ate too much and slept away
Didn’t get up but to wash her hair
Then ate some more
Than ate some more
Marti the slug than ate some more
Stuffed her face and burst her pants
Marti the slug than ate some more
Crawled to bed and slept some more
Couldn’t get up till the very next day
Then ate some more
Than ate some more
Marti the slug had another slow day
Another slow day


Spirit is the source for all things great and small. What is it your heart really wants? And I will address it in this healing work. If you have patience and persistence (and do the work) it will happen. Your deepest heart wants are your deepest soul needs (and vice a versa).

And in recognition of the upcoming Valentines Day, I have added a number of poems I wrote... many years ago... about love loss yearning spirit God..... Enjoy.

David Raphael Isaacson


The following   was sent

Angels – ignorance is bliss?

I remember

In a blink of an eye

After the loving

Looking for you

You are a poem

Memories of love

All poems are copyrighted 1991-2006 by David Raphael Isaacson. No portion may be reproduced or distributed in any form without permission from the author.

 Poems of the absurd 


And underprivileged over worked
Under aged uneducated kids at taco bell
With look alike smiles memorized lines
And drab very unhip uniforms


And empty food wrappers dropped from ungrateful hands


I hear you laugh at me... “Oh what a fool he's been”


And I thought words were impotent weapons of fools
Who are not let into the thick of real men’s battles


After running after false goddesses
Lovers spurn you for softness of the young
Seeing that elusive golden cup of immortality in youthful arms

Bitten by Love
Like a rabid dog biting its owners hand
It wants let loose from its cage
Let loose from this sickness it one time called love
Yeah, love is a fine pet
Until one day it turns on you
Do you then just take it to the vet
And say
Put it away
Shoot it
Drug it
Put it to sleep
I’ll get another at the animal shelter
Or cheaper just off the street
This one lost its spunk
Hair’s falling out
Smells like a skunk
No sense of loyalty
I thought love is my best friend
Always by my side
This one left me
For a more appealing eye
You bit me like a rabid dog
Just shoot you then
Let lying dogs just die
And let the dead bury the dead
You can go into someone else’s arms
I’m getting myself a pet rock

Post Dating Service Blues
I ain’t got no $
Any woman is going to run the other way
When they see me coming in my beat up ole jalopy
I can’t pay my way thru love tolls
Of fancy dinners designer clothes
Fast cars trips around the world
Foreign wine castles in the air
A real mans got to have a nest egg
If he wants a woman to sit on them
I have holes in my shoes
And my toes are sticking out
I have no credit cards
My times run out
I got a banker on my back
And he wants his $ fast
What woman is going to want a man like me
Who has no $ to play love games
All I’ve got are a few sweet words
To whisper into your ear
And this... always free

Dearly Beloved
We are gathered here today
To join this man
And this woman
In holy wed lock
Do you solemnly vow
To stay together thru
Sickness and mental breakdown
Career changes and midlife crises
Overwork and unemployment
Mortgage payment and hospital bills
Obesity and atrophy
Inlaws and outlaws
Infidelity and adultery
Memories of old lovers
Incompatibility and codependency
Mood swings and sex changes
Alcoholism and drug misuse
Physical and verbal abuse
Monday night football and soap operas
PMS and menopause
Aids and herpes (venereal disease)
Saturday returns and the 7 year itch
Boredom and apathy
Religious fanaticisms and new fangled cults
Impotence and frigidity
Unwanted pregnancy and empty nests
Crying babies and dirty diapers
The terrible 2s and demanding teens
Step kids and ex spouses
(Have I left anything out?)
Till death or murder do you part?
Hey where are you going?
Come back here
Well how about just till next week
Forget about marriage
You can just live together

Skin Deep
Do I really love you?
Or am I just taken with your looks
Every time I see another lovely face
I’m even more confused
How simple it would be
If there was just one woman for me
Adam had it easy
He didn’t have to wander
Eve was the only girl around
I’d love to say it’s just you
I’ve had it with all the rest
So who do I love?
Or that ideal woman
Beyond the mirror of those eyes

An Ocean of Love and Not One Drop for Me
Sad living without beauty
Sad without your charms
Yearning for a special lover
Before my heart is broken

More Very Mischievous Mushy Love Poems
The toilet is dirty
The laundry is stained
Where are you?
The bills pile up
Mail to be read
Where are you?
The dishes are dirty
The house is a mess
Where are you?
I haven’t been fed
Laying hungry naked in bed
Where are you?
The bed is cold
My dick is hard
I need a good screw
Where are you?
Where are you?
You are
Living your own life
Far from the mess
Where I am?

Thoughts of You
Drops of dew upon a parched desert soul
Rainfall after a long drought
Awaken seeds of years past sown
Spring showers falling upon a flower
Each drop upon its petals
Brings tremors through this body

Accidentally Meeting
Lovers gaze into each others eyes
Pools of love - Gushing waters
Nourishing cleansing healing freeing flowing
Loneliness and quiet desperation
I live again

I feel my manly instrument now
A shadow of its former splendor
Resting from its monumental feats of love making (in the meadow)
There was a time I thought you had deserted me
And lost the strength to my neglect
But no
Were you sorely pressed into service this night
We both thank you for your might
Enduring patience
It turns out all right

Bachelor Angst
I look at you
Across this room
Sensing your vibes
Feeling them entwine
Do I have your psychic sexual number?
Do you have mine?
I’m not getting through
Your reception is static
Is my sending on your channel?
I approach you and say hi
You turn away and say goodbye

A Bar
Sitting on that cozy warm wet stool
With my stiff stick twirling
Your cherry in my drink

Memories of an Old Love
My flesh within yours
Warm and moist
I give you pleasure and I am pleased
There is no end to this feeling of you
My man-fullness shelters within you
Long impassioned loving
I smell you even now
Upon my hands
Tasting you upon my lips
And I see you in my mind
You... luscious sweet
Sensuous lips
Pouting in pleasure
Your soft sweet graceful body
Writhe in ecstasy
Our bodies act out
Their natural roles
And I watch the drama unfold
And you tell me
You think you are falling
In love with me
Are you still thinking of me now
After all these years?
And can I still claim
To use memories of an old love
To warm the fleshless cold empty nights
When you are sleeping with another

What Men Really Want
Of course we want a pretty face
Soft and sweet
Voice of charms
Eyes like stars
Hands as graceful as a dove
Full figured
All to make Zeus sing
Venus jealous red

But of course a man of substance really knows
There’s more to a woman than what shows

Inside that counts A whole lot more
And ripens with time like fine wine
The beauty of a deeper sort

Eternal Love
When you gaze upon the vast expanse of time
Think of me upon the other side
There I stand with outstretched hands
Here is a small thought I give
I love thee

Forgive Me
Forgive me if I keep you at arms length
I need to be so careful with my affections
So many women get the wrong impressions
That I want them to adorn my bedroom walls
So many women are starving for a chance
To sit on one mans altar place
Forgive me if I see you as a sacred relic
A gemstone only to be seen or gently touched
Like a little butterfly who must be able to fly
I don’t want to possess you - you don’t belong to me
So pardon me for keeping
You at arms length

Another Mushy Love Poem
Is my stupid silly love
Too much for you
When I wish to hug you
With my skinny bony
Ugly little body
You turn your back to me
I belch from the bottom of my stomach
In love with you
My tender kisses fart
From my adipidous lips
As my pimpled puckered face
Reaches out to yours
The wax in my ears builds
And bursts with pleasure
Every time I hear your lovely voice
Screeching out to me
And my nose runs sweet green mucous
When I smell your dainty scent
I look into your eyes
And am inundated with visions of
Dancing naked lepers let loose in the sun
I can’t stop thinking of you my beloved
When I am sitting on the toilet wiping my ass
I yearn to have smelly sweaty sex with you
I don’t know if I can go on one more moment
Or scratch another mushy line
Without your redeeming love in my life
Please please oh please be mine
To... to fondle and.... and ....cook for me and....
Wash my clothes and..... and...oh yeah
Love for all time
Signed, your worthless sniveling drooling lover

Quite Honestly
I haven’t gotten laid in quite some time
Quite honestly
That doesn’t bother me oh so much
It’s not so much the act that makes the day
(These things come and go you know)
It’s the feeling behind the thing (you know)
That lingers days and days
With the proper other you know

Why sell your heart short
And shoot your wad in a stranger
Or a so so friend
And take home those nasty companions
That put crud in your you know what
The gift that keeps on giving or some other final token
To remember a love gone bad

And I See Strangers Kissing in the Night
In the movies in the street
And the love songs play on the radio
Over and over and over again
Until I believe
“I can’t live without you babe...ooooo...ooo...oh babe”
And the saddest part is
All the babes are walking on the other side of the street
In other men’s arms
Driving in their fancy cars
In swanky clothes
In a castle on a hill
Living protected lives
I'm not looking for security
A Walt Disney animated Cinderella snow white lie
I’m looking for a true lover and friend

All My Loves
All the lovers from all my past lives
Come back to me now
How can I love and still love all
Equally I have held you dear
Thru life and death
In heavens rest
On earth’s trials and tests
You disclose to me your true self
All my dears thru all these years
I see you young and old
Wrinkles can’t hide you from my soulful gaze
I know you and have loved you
And I am still confused how am I to love you now
Old dears as lover or friend
The old clothes you wear do not fit as they did before
They are out of rhyme
We are out of time
Alas I would have loved to see your underwear

Inside You
And I see your lovely soft lips
And wish I was a popsicle in your mouth
And I see your soft sweet skin
And I wish I was a lacy negligee
Wrapped around your naked sweaty body

Advice to Women – how to tell about your man
Let him run loose in the grocery store
Watch which way he goes which way he roams
If he wanders and dallies in the meat section
Among slabs of beef and leg of lamb fish tails and chicken breasts
You know he’s a mans man an animal voracious and mean
If he resides in the chips and dips section
Pringles pretzels Budweiser Heineken or Coors
He’s a couch potato always watching football or baseball on TV

I Am Waiting
Waiting for someone who may never show
I am waiting for a woman who I don’t really know
I am waiting she’s left me standing out in the cold
I am waiting for her still till this day
I am waiting for a dream that may never be real
I am waiting just a little longer for true love

Love Torture
I am going to torture you with love
With love you’ve never felt before
Or ever after
You won’t be able to scream away this feeling
Or writhe way from my “penetrating gaze”
And deep, slow, oh so very deep and slow
Thrusts into your woman hood
You’ll know you have been touched
When I get through with you
Your heart will ache from my tender caress
When I whisper sweet words of pleasure - into your ear
Smiling, oh so lightly
With a secret sweet pleasure
Only lovers know

Take a Closer Look
Nike would pay a million to get her legs
In one of their shoe commercials
Fathers would throw their babies out with the bath water
When they saw her cheeks in the pampers diaper commercials
Billions are spent every year
By fat women everywhere
To fit into her panty waist size
With, needless to say
Two firm well contoured mountains of magnanimity upon her chest
(Oh to be her breast fed playtex baby)
Troy would have fallen in a day when 10,000 ships
Would have been launched to save her face
And man oh those lips would fit around any of our dip sticks
Rapunzel would still be in that tower today
If that fair prince never saw her hair
But truly now
Can you take her seriously?
If she chews like a cow
Talks like a crow
Thinks like a valley girl
Sits on her duff
Not doing much of any stuff
She cries over a broken nail
Watches “The Price is Right”
Only is seen in the best uptown places
Drives the hottest newest most expensive cars
And spends your money like water
I ask you men
Would your mother approve?

She Said I Was Good
As if all the women in all my lives
Came to me in a living dream and said
"We really do love you"
Even the women who left me for another
Or ignored me for a fool
Even they were there
"We love you"
They said in unison as one into my ear
And it felt good

Inner Fires
Fanned by thoughts
Being with you
Bodies entwined
Moistures rubbing
Perfumes of desire
Waft through my body
A smile crosses my lips
Explosions of anticipation
Fills my belly
Better than wine
A sigh

The Youth In the Old Man
Sat upon a bench one cloudy day
We can’t go out any more to play
Now we must think of what we’ve done
And they sat upon the bench
And thought of love

Maybe When I am Old, My Perfect Woman Will Come
I’ll be sitting in an old folk’s home
Body wrecked with age
Joints aching writhing in pain
Or numbed with drugs to tired to care
Loose hair hanging wiry across my balding head
And dry scaly skin from butt to back of head
Skin sagging down my emaciated body
Urine soaked clothes
Dirty brown streaked underwear
Cheap slippers from the 5 and dime
Drooling saliva down my face my throat
Teeth sitting in a cup
And the pretty young nurses don’t look at me twice
Not even once (except to change the bed pan)
I’m not even embarrassed anymore
My sex has withered away and long gone out
My pleasure in life is to take a good shit
In the morning, maybe if I’m lucky - at night

Oh God! For whom and for what am I still living for?
Isn’t there some meaning left in this life?
And my kids they only see me once or twice a year
When their guilt gets too much for abandoning me here
And my 3rd wife divorced me years ago
After I got too worn like last years used up old toy
Me, laying here
Half a leg in the grave
And wouldn’t it be ironic if you finally found me here
Light shining thru your eyes
Your shimmering wings glowing in the night
Your perfect form filling my yearning soul with delight
Whispering words not born of this world nor heard with ears of earth
And I'm laying here
Now more than a leg I'm almost all in the grave
But my heart still quivers frail like a thread
It’s the last I have to offer you besides these mere words
And maybe when I am old
My angel will come
Take my heart in her arms
And fly away from this dead world

Another DUI Fatality
I saw a woman in a car today
I couldn’t help but glance her way
Too close
Step on the brakes
Slow down
I looked again
Her face was almost yours
To see my beloved
While driving on the streets
Is to live a dangerous life
(If I don’t want to hit the car in front of me)

The hands were gentle
Soft and very feminine
Graceful even sensual
Slowly they opened
Relaxing releasing
The string fell free
Floating reluctantly
Up into the air
Follow the line up up up
A balloon
What color?
Who cares
Up into the air
Floating floating free
So tenuous so aimless
The string longs for the hand
But no more can it reach up
And pluck it from the heavens
Higher and higher
The inner air seeks its own
Pop!... and it is free
The rubber and string fall
Down down down
Another hand the string cries

Miracles happen every day
The sun comes up to awaken to give us with new opportunities
birds in the wild singing songs in the morning
fresh air and pure water fit to drink
and the sun sets to give our minds and body rest after weary labors
and to feel the flow of healing energies and light
there is no pill one can take for that

Thou a prison be I in
a prison in me not

Thou a jail be I in
a jail be in me not

Copyright 1999 - 2006. David Raphael Isaacson. No portion of information in this website may be reproduced or distributed in any form without prior permission from the author. All rights reserved.