Treasure Hunting through Time

A Journey into the Future

In this very special one hour group session, David Isaacson, Tanya Sheikh and Travis Murphy will be holding a most powerful magical space and intention to journey with you into the future (as time is malleable and fluid). Here you will be able to connect with your future self and ask for and receive those gifts available (that you are ready for) and bring them back into "The Now".

This in turn can allow for profound healing and transformation as the pathways are cleared to receive what your Future Self is gifting you during our time together.

Having done this in our own lives, we have noticed how so much MORE of everything good has opened up and been made available to us, and at a more accelerated pace than ever before ! We've experienced more peace, more joy, more awareness, more power, more understanding, in short, more walking as the expression of divinity that We Are !

During the session, you are free to set your own intention with your future self, to ask for more abundance, the right relationship, vibrant health, etc. Whatever your future self feels that is appropriate for you in that moment will be gifted to you.

What better time to open yourself up to the gifts of the future than on the first day of the new year.


A few responses from our past events.
- O -
I've had digestive issues for a few years now that appear to have resolved. That is amazing and such a relief at the same time. Also, I've noticed a change in my demeanor... like a "softening" which seems to have affected people at work. I've been offered opportunities at work that previously seemed out of reach. Definitely a "shift" there. I feel softer, less "hard", lighter, looser... I can't wait to continue this energy work. Thank you!
- O -
I have experienced a real shift in my life. Prior to the session, I worked many long hours in the evenings and weekends.... I could not let go of the long hours and the unrealistic demands of my clients. I have seemed to let go of the attachment and am working effectively and with ease and have not worked a weekend or evening since. I do not have the need to do so and it seems that I couldn't work those hours even if I wanted to. It is like I shifted above it. I feel very free. I know this is the beginning of something bigger and I am enjoying this freedom, I look forward to seeing what transpires next. Thank you again
- O -
I had been losing large amounts of hair for over 4 or more months, such that as my hair dresser said ~ this isn't even like your hair... you are losing it from the roots~ Then a few days ago I realized this had changed and I am losing an ordinary amount now, in much relief~!
- O -
A true and much needed boost for playing in this reality. The flow is ease, fluid but soft and almost silky? Relief comes from different levels being broken through. Not with force, though. Just release and breaking away. I am seeing the change directly in my world through others as well....my love and thanks!
- O -
fell asleep during the session... awoke with an incredible sense of deeper peace that I cannot explain. Thank you all so very much for the amazing session, and for all the work you all do.
- O -
I can tell that certain situations that bothered me a few days ago, seem to be very trivial to me today. Its so amazing and I am excited to see where this takes me.
- O -
I could FEEL you all working! I was laying down prepared before the time began. When it began I actually sat up and looked around! It felt like my bed had become some kind of massage wave table! I could feel waves of energy flowing up and down my body and IT FELT like the bed was doing it! WOW! It was so cool! THen I felt and saw myself in clear water floating and sinking down into the water like being cleansed. Then these pink wonderful creatures came changing shapes, from butterflies to dragonflies to fairies or angels lifting me out of the water into the air and we went faster and faster until things turned into a blur and I guess I fell asleep.
- O -
Yes it was powerful indeed. I was physically shaking. And a lot of stress was released from my jaws. They hurt and I could feel them pulsing. Wow! My body is in recovery mode and it is releasing things. I can't really let life stop for me now - though it may be the thing to do. Actually I feel energized more than anything else. Though my lower back is hurting. I felt energy being released from my chest area and my stomach as well.

Friday, January 1st from 7-8 PM PST. Check this worldclock to see what time that is where you are.

The healing happens remotely via a non verbal energetic transmission that works with but side steps the limited ego mind and all its traps and pitfalls. This means that during the session, you do not need to be online or on the phone with us. All you need do is sit or lay down, close your eyes, be present, be aware and experience.  That's it. You simply let go and allow Spirit to do the work.

Working with all 3 healers individually (remotely) would cost upwards of $375. For this special event you will receive the work of all 3 healers at one time for just $100 !!

Please click on this LINK. You will be taken to a secure online Paypal payment page. If you are purchasing for more than one person, you can do so there by changing the quantity #. Please inform us of the names of any additional participants so we can adjust the work accordingly (all participants must first give their consent for us to work on them).

We are holding space for a maximum of 25 people in one group. If you want to avail yourself of this life affirming opportunity, please book your spot immediately as all previous group events have filled to capacity.

David Isaacson:
I started my formal healing practice as an Acupuncturist in the early '90's and soon discovered I could affect a healing on clients without touch. Since then, I have been expanding and evolving my abilities, sharing this work online since 1999. As a healer, teacher and guide on the journey of becoming, I am committed to empowering my clients to discover and fulfill their true potential in this life and beyond.
Merlins Magical Mystery School and Healing Temple


Tanya Sheikh:
I have followed various courses and am qualified in many healing modalities, but the true learning has come from within. From the path that my Being laid out for me, from the infinite source which is my essence plugged into the God-Force of Creation. My work cannot be defined as it continuously and constantly evolves in each and every moment, whilst partnering with you, and partnering with the consciousness of Life itself. I open myself up to that which wants to happen in the moment and allow the dance to begin. We walk the edge together, co-creating with the essence of Life, with the pulse of Creation.

Travis Murphy:
I have always had an innate understanding of energy and interconnectedness within consciousness, which ultimately led to a massive kundalini awakening in 2007. This resulted for a time in an extreme fragmentation within the various different strata and layers of my own being and energetic interfaces. The path of integrating this experience and seizing the process to the ends of refinement and transformation necessitated deeper and deeper journeying and investigation into the varied landscapes and mechanics of the self, both on personal and transpersonal levels. Some of the fruits of this journey are that I can now facilitate and hold space for others who have or are currently traveling a similar course. http://immortalinnocence.weebly.com/me.html

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