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The Healing Crisis

The “healing crisis" is a totally normal process of the physical immune system that is designed to help your body burn off or process out the garbage (the phrase “blowing off steam” also comes to mind). Your immune system can also be likened to your own personal inner army that fights off invaders to your space. When your inner army or immune system is activated, there occurs an actual battle of sorts within your being, a little "Armageddon" so to speak, with explosions and bombs and fires and wasted micro bodies all around. Most people are generally not aware of this inner battle, except when their physical bodies are dramatically affected during a major conflict (then the person feels fatigued, has a fever, and so on). The typical response is to label and judge these symptoms as an inconvenience (or worse) when actually, these are signs that the “army” is doing its job. Western medicine then instructs its devotees to simply "pop a pill", which usually shuts down the armies responses, which suppresses the symptoms (out of sight out of mind). The garbage remains, off on the sidelines, digging into position, building up its strength for another day. Nothing is cured, just postponed.

 We also have something of an emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual immune system which can also be shut down. And over time, all our unresolved conflicts, issues, emotions... that are not cleared or healed are suppressed deeper and deeper into the subconscious... to be even more stubbornly lodged within the matrix of our energy fields, chakras, or even deeper within our central core. If this goes on for any length of time, this will make you really ill, deathly ill, spiritually ill. The being can only hold so much stuff before it is so overwhelmed - it cannot take any more and eventually dies.

People ask me, why do they need so much healing? If your condition was simply physical, ones healing would be an easier and quicker matter, but we are speaking of emotions and energies, the mind and consciousness. Consider that the suppression of all these things have been going on for - not just a few years in this one life - but lifetimes. One wants to freely move forward in life, but all this “stuff” being dragged along with us cannot help but be a weighty burden upon our spirits and an insurmountable obstacle in our lives... one which can't be ignored forever.

 Facing the Abyss
“The Dark Night of the Soul”

Of course, we can say that the intelligent idea is not to suppress our personal problems, negativity or dis-eases in the first place (easier said than done). Or failing this, simply hoping that by ignoring or distracting ourselves from unpleasant situations and feelings... they will just go away, and they do, at a price that must be paid at a later date.

When the “Healing Crisis" on these other levels have been held at bay for waaaay too long, it eventually devolves into “The Dark Night of the Soul". The phrase “Dark Night” is the mild description - it’s more like the “Dark Season”. Where the “Healing Crisis” may last only a few hours or days, the “Dark Night of the Soul” may last weeks, months or even years. And just like the Healing Crisis, this “Dark Night” is one way Spirit is trying to work out our “stuff”.

  If the soul has been carrying this garbage for eons, there comes a time - in one life or another - when it must go through the process of clearing it out. It’s not pretty or fun in any sense of the word - it’s actually a sort of Purgatory or Hell on earth, but if the soul hopes to be free of its baggage, it must go through this purification.

 The healing work accelerates this purification by digging into the hidden nooks and crannies of your subconscious, energy fields, chakras, and central core... dislodging and bringing up to the surface your ego resistances, suppressed issues, and negative energies (and more). You may become conscious of a lot of old past life memories and may also relive some unpleasant traumas. When this happens, it will NOT feel pleasant nor seem good to you AT ALL - especially to your ego-mind - which was totally in judgment about this stuff and suppressed it down there in the first place. However, like the Healing Crisis, this is the only way of processing out this junk – through your body-mind-emotions.

 When you are sensing these things happening, it is a sure sign it is on its way out of you (it’s what stuff you are not feeling that should be of concern to you). If you did not go through this purging/purification process, this stuff would remain inside and continue to eat you up and run your life (but you may not realize this till it’s too late). So when this process is happening and this stuff is in your face, do not give up on the healing work - in fact, this may be the best time to do even more. Sometimes it is at the very pinnacle of a major breakthrough that the most negative stuff appears. If you allow you stuff to stop you from continuing the healing - it wins, you lose.

As human beings, there are so many things we have a hard time doing through our own power – working through all this suppressed stuff is one of them. This is why Spirit has brought you this healing work – we all need help from a Higher Power. As long as you are willing to receive and work with Spirit, we will help you move through this stuff as fast as possible – but it is your choice to do so or not.

 Copyright 1999 - 2006. David Raphael Isaacson. No portion of information in this website may be reproduced or distributed in any form without prior permission from the author. All rights reserved.