To the women who see thisl: 
Please pass this message along to all those men whom you care about and want to see in their masculine power and divinity. 
Thank you.

To Men
At this pivotal time in the evolution of the planetary consciousness, women have a critical role to play in the upliftment of humanity, thus we find that much of the world of spiritual/energetic transformation and healing is led by a great deal more women than men. No complaint here - its beautiful to see the feminine reclaiming its own rightful place of power and balance. However, in terms of holding space for men to fully heal and manifest the Divine Masculine, there are hidden areas within us that a feminine presence and polarity can NOT reach or touch.
To compensate for this void in the current spiritual landscape, David Isaacson and Travis Murphy will be creating a powerful masculine container while sourcing new frequencies and energetic blueprints of the divine masculine that are wanting to come through. We will be sourcing these frequencies for and with the group while harnessing its collective consciousness to more easily address and access areas within each of you that are in need of masculine facilitation. 
In such a strong crucible of awareness we shall find that many of our blind spots will become illuminated allowing for an easier and more effortless opening to the healing energies and transformational shifts that are available. And perhaps for the first time, profound dynamic change can start to happen in difficult and dark places, places which may have been (for years if not lifetimes) harboring ingrained patterns and unconscious traumas, often collective in nature.

WHEN: Friday, June 19th from 8-9 pm PST. Check this World Clock to see what time that is where you are.

COST: $75. Working with 2 healers individually (remotely) would cost upwards of $225. In this special offer, receive the work of these 2 healers in one united session for just $75!!

PURCHASE: please click on this LINK. You will be taken to a secure online Paypal payment page. If you are purchasing for more than one person you can do so there by changing the quantity #. Please inform us of the names of any additional participants so we can adjust the work accordingly (all participants must first give their consent for us to work on and with them).

HOW & WHERE: The healing happens remotely via a non verbal energetic transmission that works with but side steps the limited ego mind and all its traps and pitfalls. This means that during the session, you do not need to be online or on the phone with us. All you need do is sit or lay down, close your eyes, be present, be aware and experience.  That's it. You simply let go and allow Spirit to do the work.

LIMITED AVAILABILITY: We are holding space for a maximum of 25 people in one group. If you want to avail yourself of this life affirming opportunity, please book your spot immediately as all previous group events have sold out.


David Isaacson: I started my formal healing practice as an Acupuncturist in the early '90's and soon discovered I could affect a healing on clients without touch. Since then, I have been developing and evolving my abilities, sharing this work online since 1999. Merlins Magical Mystery School and Healing Temple

Travis Murphy: I have always had an innate understanding of energy and interconnectedness within consciousness, which ultimately led to a massive kundalini awakening in 2007. This resulted for a time in an extreme fragmentation within the various different strata and layers of my own being and energetic interfaces. The path of integrating this experience and seizing the process to the ends of refinement and transformation necessitated deeper and deeper journeying and investigation into the varied landscapes and mechanics of the self, both on personal and transpersonal levels. Some of the fruits of this journey are that I can now facilitate and hold space for others who have or are currently traveling a similar course. http://immortalinnocence.weebly.com/me.html

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