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Spiritual Energetic Healing Treatments
offered through
Merlin's Magical Mystery School

Presented by  
David Raphael Isaacson

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Testimonials - Experiences - Letters
"I felt a great tingling and surging of my energy and the blood in my veins. Became surrounded with a white cone of light giving up and out from my feet and down into the earth from my feet. This white had flecks of white in it. Then it changed to pink, with pink flecks (like dust) floating in it. Then it changed to yellow/gold with gold flecks in it. The upper cone surrounding my body began to swirl. The cone from my feet into the earth remained white...The gold cone remained swirling and a violet light came down into the top of my head. As it came down the violet moved the gold down until the cone was now violet. I saw my arms come up from my sides extending the cone further out from me. The cone into the ground stayed white. I kept looking for green for some reason. I didn't see it until I looked for the flecks in the cone of light. This time they were green in the violet light....I saw a vehicle and it fell onto its side. I asked what that was about and was told it was the death of my lesser self and the higher self was on top of this vehicle....I feel very relaxed and grounded, ready for my next challenge."
"I felt my blood zipping through my body starting with my toes and out through my body. I felt my energy opened from my heart out beyond my body like a flower opening in time elapsed photography. I felt the veins of energy in the flower were being smoothed and charged. I felt like my energy was laid out like a grid and David's energy was going thru each line-lay line-of energy smoothing and burning thru the little stuck obstructions that were encountered. I saw this fellow on top of a hill or mountain digging a path with a shovel. I asked what he was doing and he said 'digging a path to riches' I liked that. As we went thru the process I felt lighter inside--a lightening both weight and 'light', until I felt possibly glowing and buoyant."
"My body was filled with light. At first, flashing lights like a light being turned on and off, then the light stayed on and on...it was like my body was hollow ...it filled with light. At the end it became like a Roman candle with sparks shooting out of my head. they went into space and cascaded down around the earth, sort of wrapping around the earth in a healing cocoon." Penelope Randall
"It was great. As soon as we ended our conversation, I felt electrical surges all through my body. You have tremendous power. Then I saw flashbacks I don't remember them though. Then I lied down on my back, my usual position of meditation. I saw colored streaks of light against black background, like those scratch art pictures, then I heard "I love you" and saw a face saying it over and over to me, then I felt as if I was being held and rocked like a newborn, very safe, accepted, secure. this was the first night I have had a good nights sleep in 5 days....I can't wait to do another session....PS I was getting a cold, and it is completely gone."
"Dear David, I am feeling great changes in myself. When I have misplaced something , I wonder where it is and then find myself standing in front of it. I am able to speak and think logically, and therefore communicate much better with everyone. I am taking much better care of myself, and am living "in the present moment" which is something I have not been able to do since I have been about 8 years old. Now I really trust that I have time to do all of the things that I want to do, and am much more patient with life's hurdles. When I have a question, many times I get a thought, which seems to be my answer. I still have some things which I am not totally sure of, but I still have work to do. I have been spending about 90 minutes total every day in meditation, broken up into two to three sessions/day. Now when I meditate, it is like lucid dreaming. I see interactions and hear conversations with my children. I still only remember parts of it. I am assuming that I will remember more as I go. Thank you for helping me to find who I am, I really do believe that I am finding success. love and light."
"Thank you so much for helping me to be more whole.  I am so much more relaxed in myself and confident.  I don't feel fear, and am aware more than ever, of the negative energies, and am better able to remove myself from it.... .I am finding money everywhere for what I need and want to do.  It started as small change, and I say when I see some on the floor, etc, "money comes to me, look, there's more."  then I began finding 1's that I didn't know I had.  A few days ago I found a 20, stuffed in my car ashtray, and yesterday I found a 5$ check someone had given me....(Another persons) distortions and projections really don't affect me inside anymore. I can see more clearly the reality of what's going on around me...."
"David, Thank you so much for all of your help. I am so much more focused, productive, at ease, have much more energy, and am also healthier. As you said, each session has been different, Sometimes I think I don't feel your presence with me, yet I am always awakened fully at the end, which is always about an hour after we start our meditation together. I am able to be so much more accepting of everything around me, and better able to remove myself from the negativity, without causing pain, or discomfort to others. I no longer feel the need to attack, when someone acts in an inappropriate way. I am able to make choices based on where I want to go, instead of as a reaction to those around me. I am doing amazingly well given the situations in my life currently. I will continue with you to the end. I am able to see all to the daily gifts, and am now able to receive as well as give. I am hearing messages, and feeling guidance once again. I am feeling much more connected to everything. Love and light, God bless all of you and yours." Mary Pauly
"It is such a great pleasure for me to tell you about how David Isaacson has influenced my life. I first met David when he was an acupuncturist in Portland, Oregon. At the time, I sought help from him for stomach and stress problems. He really did help me to relax and feel more in control of my life. I met up with David again in California and couldn't be more thrilled that we both live in the same state again. David explained that he was doing different higher consciousness work. I went to a healing, not knowing what I was walking into. I had no idea what to expect, but also did not think or worry about it because I trust David completely. He truly exudes such a feeling of peace and balance. I feel peaceful just being around him. I stayed for the healing, which consisted of, what seemed to me, to be a group meditation, although I know there was a lot more going on than just that. I'm still not even sure of what exactly does go on at the healing session, but I can certainly say how they have affected me....The first time I went to a healing, I was going through a strange time and felt confused and clouded about personal problems. I was amazed at the clarity I felt in the weeks after the healing. I think that it is so easy to go on through one's life with a cloudy mind, not feeling in control and not capable to do anything about it. Being able to clear my mind has made so many differences in my life. There are so many things I can mention, but to name one, I am happier. That's a big one! People also treat me better, more people smile at me, people are more helpful toward me, and I have a much more positive outlook on life. I am a second grade teacher and I told David that my students probably had not been paying attention to me. When I feel clear and happy, my students probably notice more than anyone! I really feel like a better teacher and know I know that my students are more attentive. I also enjoy my job more when I feel like this. I look forward to going to see David as often as possible. I feel I get to live this life just once and David is a guide to get me to reach the highest level of enlightenment." Deborah Pritchard
"A profound deep energy came upon me - I went unconscious...felt I was getting worked on, things being lifted, removed (negativity, heaviness)." Regina
"Dearest Merlin: Just, simply WOW!!!!! At 11:00 o'clock sharp (thanks for the punctuality) I started feeling this amazing acceleration. I mean, I felt that before, often when I relax, or when I wake up after an intense dream, but never like that! IT WAS REALLY INTENSE!! A little while before that, and after trying to control myself, I started feeling this pressure in my head, that intensified and diminished repeatedly. After another little while I felt this explosion inside my chest that filled me with peace. I think it is worth to mention that I felt this comfortable warmth all over the process, which stopped after 30 minutes, or maybe 35. That's when I knew it was all over. THANKS, DAVID. It was the most intense feeling I've ever had since I started in this kind of things....What's next? THANKS SO MUCH AGAIN." LAR (Mexico)
"The session with David was very powerful. I felt warm, soothing energy surrounding me and coming directly into the center of my being releasing long held tension and tightness in my back muscles and spine. I was left with a deep feeling of peace, stillness, and love. I was held in universal loving healing energy until the process was complete. It was a very sweet experience of dropping into my own body more fully and coming home within myself"
"David's work is exceptionally powerful and effective in clearing away any impediments that may stand in the way of experiencing one's authentic self and or power center. This is way beyond meditation and self healing, even though these are of great value. David's channeling of his higher self facilitates one's going into their own personal darkness in order to fully gain awareness around it which transforms the block or impediment and allows a greater God Space to be present within oneself. David's work is highly recommended to those that are on a Serious Spiritual Path of Power, Love, and Awakening....Only the Most Sincere need apply because this work involves the task of being very honest with oneself and of all the aspects of one's being-ness." Lisa Chapman
"In a word, 'acceleration' sums up your work for me. Also, 'clarification'. Issues are being clarified, and insights weave themselves into workable and cohesive answers with wonderful ease and rapidity. Disconcertingly so, at times, as incompletely released or resolved issues "blow up' unexpectedly, demanding immediate clearing and integration. There has been a noticeable increase in my clairaudience, clairvoyance, and general clairsentience. No, I still don't always heed it (hence the 'unexpectedly' above), but trusting and accepting the validity of my channeling has become easier! Bits and pieces of information - all necessary parts of the puzzle - now pop up unbidden. Lovely ! Thank you so much for being who you are; for your kindness, gentleness, lovingness, and willingness to help. You've shown me, by example, what it means to focus on Light instead of seeing darkness everywhere. Thank you for everything ! Blessings.... PS. While you were working I experienced numerous (I lost count !) clicks in my neck - like an Angelic 'adjustment,' to use the chiropractic term." Marga MacKenzie Thomas
"The past two days I have not been preoccupied with other people, as I usually am. It's like a little vacation. I hope it sticks. Thank you."
"I will keep your letter forever. It did give me hope and I do trust you. I get swirls of energy rushing through me whenever you write something. I know this is not a correspondence course but I do appreciate every word you write."
"It has been quite a treat for me to know someone of your caliber. I am still amazed at your energy."
"I have been in the presence of healers and their energy was mild compared to yours."
"David, I more than appreciate what you write. I have read similar things elsewhere but you make the difference. You are a real, living person attached to what you say. I don't know if you make personal appearances regarding your work. You should be out there. I had a dream and the words "All That Is" came up. I don't know the context but I do know that is not the vocabulary I use when I speak of the creator. Also, I haven't had the desire to go shopping as much lately. The economy of New York City will suffer as I work with you !!!"
"The energy tonight was distinct and even. It flowed throughout like an inner massage. It has been quite a honor for me to know someone as yourself. Your friends are very lucky."
"If you ever get a flash about my needing anything more, I am sure you will let me know. I shall consider my life B.D. and A.D. (Before David and after David). Since you explained now about the mantra, I feel it did do something because I cannot get it out of mind. And which is good for me because you know how busy my mind is and it is a lot better than feeling "restless" about most things."
"In the last few days it seems there are less spots on my eyes. I don't know if it is my imagination. I will keep an "eye" on this. Also, I did forget to tell you that I had some arthritis in my left ring finger and for the past two weeks that seems not to be a problem. My finger was stiff from pain before. So...I know you can do physical healings. You were accurate about how things would be. People on the outside are most friendly to me. This time of year in the city is lunacy but I have been moving through easily. I seem to be attracting the attention of the Hindu people. Some lady came up to me and bowed. No doubt to the divinity within. And the close people are projecting as you said. I respond if I feel like it. I think it's okay to say how I feel but I don't feel anything emotional about it.... My energy level is really high which is not likely for me."
"For the first one hour it was more or less like the previous sessions. The second hour and one half was very strong. The energy was concentrated in my chest area. For a few moments I was seeing what appeared to be a journey but I couldn't make out any of the animals. I then saw some writings but I couldn't see what was written (I suppose I'm near-sighted in the spirit world, too)!! So, I'll let you know if any other changes become apparent.... I know I am doing the work I am supposed to be doing.... Thank you."
"There is a plenitude of spiritual workers and healers to match the equal number of seekers, but David stands alone in this type of work.  The level of energy that David transmits to his clients is the highest that I have experienced.  As a result of completing the prescribed number of sessions with David, the following are some of the results experienced:  intuitive abilities are more pronounced, attention is more focused on present time, patience can be achieved easily, energy level is starting to raise, time flows more easily, certain negative habits have disappeared.
While it is important to complete the recommended number of sessions for total healing, (David is most accurate in assessing the required number), if you cannot do the whole series, do not let it prevent you from participating in this work.  Each session brings with it an energy uplift and a calmness that is created from within and not from outside.
You will find David to be a warm, compassionate, at times witty and most reliable.  He keeps close connection to you during this work so at no time are you without support.  He guides you through the work and you are given a wonderful feeling of being connected to yourself.  Then you have a "new you" to re-experience life. A price cannot be placed on David's work, only a value." Toni Alaimo

"I have been incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to work with David Raphael Isaacson. I started receiving healing treatments on October 1st, 1997, and will always remember that day. My experience was so profound and quite unique compared with the many great healers I have worked with since 1980. During David's' process, I felt numerous sensations in my body : heat, pressure, tingling, jerking motions while being energetically adjusted, visions and colors, relived past lives, profound peace, and much more. David was able to help me clear so many of my fears that kept me from being fully self-expressed. In the past I had a morbid fear of bees and drowning. After clearing a particular past life where I had been stung repeatedly and then drowned in a river, I now no longer fear bees, and swam in the ocean for the first time in my life. The benefits are life altering after two months of working with David on a consistent basis ;
- My clairvoyance has become extremely accurate
enabling me to help others with readings and clearings.
- My inner vision is uncanny, I can see energy, both auras
and deeper chakras, and visions of future events.
- I am now an animal psychic and love it.
- Increased abilities to heal and clear others.
- Able to do shamanic journeys, remote view at will.
- My personal relationships are 100 X's better...
no more buttons to get pushed.
- I have a greater sense of who I am and why I am here.
- I have lost 40 pounds and now exercise on a regular basis
(which I used to hate).
- Greater ability to love unconditionally.
- My friends say I look younger & brighter.
(and many many more)
David is a deeply caring & loving man who is passionate about his work. He loves to help others transcend blocks and fears, in order to grow and evolve into a fully self-expressed human being....I feel David's gifts and talents are way ahead of the time's. I pray for the day when he will work with the multitudes, and our planet and universe will be love unconditionally. I highly recommend David Raphael Isaacson to anyone who is courageous enough to face their own blocks, fears and darkness, and change their lives permanently." Anita Christina Stewart

"I did not feel anything at the time of the healing or for a couple of hours later, but I did notice later in the day a shift where I was not as stressed or anxious and felt very loving. The next day (Monday) I had a meeting at work with a difficult person who ridiculed me undeservingly in front of top management and it didn't even bother me - usually he can press my buttons. So I do think there was some effect. Thanks! "Colleen
"I want to tell you my gratitude; I feel very full of Energy now.... Thank you!" Robert (Canada)
"David, Thank you so much. Here's what happened: I felt a strong amount of energy around my head as you were focusing on me. Then I heard a prayer that sounded like, "Help remove that which is impure and bring more love to me." I felt energy flowing upwards, a tingling in my 2nd chakra and energy in my heart. I also had a conversation with God. Tears came to me briefly. At the end, two surges of intense energy and a coolness when it was over. Then warmth came to me. I slept for about 45 minutes afterwards. Namaste" Cathy
"I don't really know what to say, except perhaps thank you? ...I started meditating at 8:55, and as far as meditation goes, it was one of my best sessions ever. I tried my best to be receptive to ethereal energies, and even tried to talk to you, although I have no idea how. Basically I just concentrated on my different chakras as I thought fit....I had a whole lot more energy than I have ever had before. I realized that I had been thinking about the heart chakra in completely the wrong spot! I thought it was lower down on the breast plate, but I found more energy a bit higher up. It seemed to have a bit of a reddish tinge to it, but only in fleeting moments.... Anyway, after about 35 minutes my legs started to go numb, so I had to stop. When I lay down where I was, I got the usual symptoms of pins and needles, but I decided to concentrate on it fully, and my legs started to feel like they were on fire, with a white light.... interesting. It could have been merely physical, or perhaps my energy had grown stronger so as when it flowed once again through my legs it was white hot or something.... I hope you didn't mind that I stopped then, but I felt it was enough. Anyways, thanks for the help." Stephen
"You and I had scheduled to do the healing together on last Sunday. I told you I would be in the sanctuary of our church from 11 to 12. What I can tell you of my experience that morning is during our meditation I had a feeling of tension in my third eye, on the verge of a headache of sorts. It just showed up at that time and then through that my inner vision revealed to me an eye in the aching space. The eye opened up and in place of an actual eyeball was a big, crystal clear, white, radiant diamond! I was able to see through this big diamond. It was my source of vision and the tension was gone and no headache came about. It was peaceful and still. I smiled and remembered what was taking place at a distance and thought to myself "this must be it"... Thanks for the healing White Fire. I will be sure and pass along your website to others. Peace and Blessings." Shelly
"At about 4 pm my time I wondered..... Is this healing going to be EST or PST? Well, I sat down, got still and about 15 minutes later I had to lay down. I did, and after a while I felt a tapping on my sacrum. It was an unusual, never before experienced sensation. Fell asleep a while later, woke up at 5:30, well rested. Felt like being quiet for a while. I feel good right now too. Ahhhhhhh...... What's next ?" Stephanie
"I would like to thank you for the session. First I didn't know what to expect and what to feel so that's why I gave you as much information as possible to let you know what I felt. Now you gave your view and I now realize it was the session. Well it was me (my own energy system) but you send your energy etc. and together it indeed caused a lot of acceleration. Thanks." Manon (Holland)
"Last night proved to be very relaxing and exciting at the same time. I must admit that the first few minutes had my heart racing! Partly for anticipation and partly for the unknown of what I would feel, if anything at all. Well I did. It started at 10 pm, and I started feeling a warm, slight, tingling sensation all over my body. Mostly during the first 10-15 minutes, mainly around my upper torso and arms. There was a time that the feeling seemed to be concentrated in my hands (which I had in the beginning on my chest, but moved them to be palms down on my bed). There were times during this experience that I did not even feel my bed underneath me, as if energy was flowing heavily around me. I marveled at this sensation! During the next 10 minutes or so I felt the same sensations as above concentrated along my legs and around my feet. At one point, I felt a sensation on my face, particularly around my eyes, as though someone was touching me. Then just a very warm, relaxing feeling continued for approximately 15 minutes more. I realized that the session must have ended, for my cd by Joyce Handler finished, and I got up to check the time, it was 10:55 pm. I truly look forward to our next session.... Many Blessings." Teresa
"Thank you very much for the healing. It was a good experience... I felt some pain, and then Tension-release I suppose ...a relaxation of that particular part. I felt moving fields also in/up my chest and my head... I did sleep well that night...." Merijn (Holland)
"No plays of light or anything of the sort. A strong pain in the third eye region and in the back of the legs. So painful I had to bend my legs on my stomach several times. Towards the end the pain in my legs moved to the spine, the triangle right above the coccyx. I couldn't sleep afterwards. I was very awake, only slept for 3 hours this night. Today I had a session to give. I experienced the normal psychic awareness (no increase) and afterwards I had a splitting headache, which doesn't happen normally since the Reiki usually works healing on myself as well.... Maybe I experienced a healing crisis, I just have to wait to see the effect after a few days....
Well I finally contacted the tears... I knew the headache was holding back some tears. So it might have been a healing crisis after all."

"The second session was much nicer than the first one. Softer ... A nice feeling of light. Mostly around the head to start, later it went everywhere, a little stronger around the back of the head, the back of the heart and the back of the first chakra. My feet were freezing cold, also a little around the back of my head. My legs on the contrary were hot and I was a little unstable on my legs after the session. The funny thing was I felt already some energy around my head the evening before and during the day my 3d chakra worked a little stronger (in a positive way). After the session there was a lot of thinking going on in my head. Today my head seems clearer, I'm not yet feeling ol'e ol'e. I still feel a lot of anger, and believe me I've worked years to get it out of my system, but it seems already less.... "
"I had a good cry during the last hour. It's usually very difficult for me to cry."
"I did feel very emotional during the session. First I felt annoyed, like wanting to run away, I tried to feel what was behind it and felt "trapped", especially at the level of my feet.... I just went for the feeling of being trapped. Afterwards my entire body felt cold. But all evening I was very cheerful and felt happy.... Today I felt more energetic." Hilda (Belgium)
"David, I'm so grateful.  You are a powerful healer & I thank your guides too. I personally called in those who work with me when I give healings: Michael, Raphael, Uriel, & Gabriel, the Goddess Energy, my higher self, my guides.  We had a wollop going on here.  I felt the energy scanning me up & down & then that deep (high frequency) & profound stillness & peace that comes with a healing.  I fell asleep & awoke at 9:20 & felt I should turn around so I did.  I stayed that way till 9:45 & then at 10:05 I was finally able to scrape myself off the bed. (You know the feeling). Again, my blessed new friend, thank you.  I really needed that & had no one who was available." Marcy
"I felt a lot of energy working through me and cleaning out more toxic emotions such as a fear of punishment and a sense that there is something dead and stinking inside of me.... I almost felt that I was going to experience memories of repressed stuff that I know is there....I have felt much stronger since then despite not freeing myself from "whatever".  I also felt deep grief but again it was lifted by Tuesday.  I am really fascinated by this work and do wish to experience more... maybe I will finally clear this baggage that has held me back from realizing my potential.  Thanks again for your wonderful gift!!!" Pam
"I felt very peaceful as if a burden was lifted." Barb
"Dear David, I want to thank you for the healing I received on Sunday.  When the healing session started, I first felt like a whirlwind was in my body, searching throughout it.  After that settled down, the bottom of my feet started tingling.  I also felt that tingling in my solar plexus.
Monday after the healing I felt good, but when I got home from work, I was extremely tired, and basically just rested and went to bed early.
Tuesday, I felt very good at work and very energetic when I got home.  I slept very well, and woke this morning from a very deep sleep.  My alarm clock sounded like it was in the next house - it sounded so far away.
Today, I am wonderful.  I am full of energy and full of love.  Everyone I run into can feel that from me.  I can tell this from their response and the flow of their love. I have been going through a very hard time emotionally and spiritually lately.  Your healing has helped me to break through this barrier and free my energy and love so that I can spread it around the world. Also, I wanted to tell you that I have a special connection to Merlin, and that is why I was drawn to your website and asked for the healing. Thank you again. Love and light." Sylvia

"Just wanted to say  -  THANK YOU!
I am the most happy being in the Universe.
I know that Friday was the best healing ever, because after that everything changed; at first, right after the healing I felt what I have never felt before, I felt no love for anything nor anyone I was just stone cold for a few moments and than my body or something in me started to cry just for a short time and I was just observing and then with my whole being I started to glimpse and feel LOVE so Strong, so Powerful, so Pure, so Happy; and I started to understand many things, which I could not grasp before; needless to say that when I woke up in the morning I felt or actually was 10 lbs lighter... ever since then I am changed totally in the way I think; I am sure the I AM just took over....Thanks." Nadja

During my session I experienced the burning of a great deal of negative karma that I had been deeply holding on to and a confirmation of where my current path should lead me.  I sensed both the "white" and the "blue" fires enveloping me, I have only experienced the red and the gold previously.  The light warriors are on the move!!!" Shannon
"After reading thru your site on Tantra, on matchmaking tonight I thought it must be connected.... You had given me a healing on Sunday, Jan. 9th. I met a soul mate on the 13th, that is so much like me!  He and I are still together, and becoming closer everyday.  He's 12 years younger, and like a girlfriend, friend, lover, everything.  He's also teaching me tantra."Cathy
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The Benefits & Value Of This Work
you with the knowledge of your true purpose in being here.
your clarity to discriminate and make healthy responsible choices.
you to the realization and inspiration of your Divine Self.
your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being.
your with a more youthful appearance and zest for life.
you inwardly unto your transcendental eternal self.
you within the energy, consciousness, and light that is your true self.
you to know that there are many others on a similar path who share similar experiences.
you from the hidden burdens of the past that keep you from
 living in the present and dreaming of the future.
your egos' resistance to change... those doubts, fears, worldly distractions
 that prevent you from moving forward and manifesting your destiny.
your subtle sensibilities and sensitivities so that you may
 experience a higher quality of an inner and outer life.
secret powers and abilities that lie dormant under the surface of your being.
your dreams, imagination and senses with mystic visions and holy visitations.
you with expansive and ecstatic feelings of union with all life.
suppressed issues and stressful emotions that have been running your life.
your relaxed acceptance, faith and trust in the perfection of what IS.
your heart to creating sacred, empathic loving relationships with others.
your minds' limited concepts, identity and framework of reality.
your consciousness to include the whole universe and all who inhabit it.
you with a new sense of health, strength, lightness, and activity.
your being that you may attract positive people and events into your life.
your spiritual mastery over the material world.
you to synchronistic events within the flow of the universe.
material and spiritual gateways that can lead you into the most exciting,
unlimited possibilities for the future, in this lifetime and beyond.....