Processing Energies

"Healing" is to your energy field like "working out at the gym" is to your body – it can fatigue or energize you. In either case, your body-mind needs to adjust and integrate. Depending upon the individual and the intensity of the session, the length of time needed for this will vary. Remember, this is profound life altering work, and whether you are aware of it or not you will be affected. This work also takes some physical energy to process, so you will definitely need to rest your body and restore its nutritional reserves. Listen to your instincts: if you feel like sleeping - sleep. If you are hungry - eat. 

You Have Stuff
No matter what you experience in or out of the sessions, do not be alarmed. This work may jar loose and release to the surface of your body-mind a lot of old suppressed energies, emotions, thoughts and memories... generally referred to as “stuff”. This “stuff” may make you feel nasty, gnarly, irritated, angry, upset, fearful, sad, depressed, tired, ashamed, grief-stricken, heart broken... the list goes on. Once this stuff arises to the surface of your awareness, it then may be released into and transformed by the Light.

You are Not your “Stuff”
Though you may have been living with your “stuff” for a very long time, and by now it may even define who you think you are, still... you are not your “stuff”.

You don’t need to analyze, read a book about, dramatize, create a story around or label your "stuff”. Doing any of these things is not going to make it leave you any faster. Quite the opposite - reinforcing your stuffs existence like this may make it that much harder for it to leave you and for you to leave it. In other words, doing all these things means you are still attached. Giving all that energy, thought and attention to it is like feeding more wood to a fire. Just be a witness to it, that’s all. You are not the fire fighter here, just an observer. Spirit is doing the work - you just need to get out of the way.

Do not resist, act out or fight your stuff... simply allow it to be.
With love and acceptance... it will fall away.

In most everyone there is a hurt, sad, lonely lost little child inside who just wants your loving attention and understanding. When stuff is coming up to your awareness, this is the best time to give it. I am sure there were very good reasons your inner child had such feelings but were not given the space to fully feel and let them go... until now.

You have our permission to feel and emote in any way you need.

If you are sad - you may cry.
If you are angry - you may rage.
If you are in grief - you may mourn.
If you are in fear – you may tremble.
If you are tired – you may rest.
Then finally may you allow yourself to feel
the fullness of your happiness, love and joy

While you are processing your stuff, be respectful of where others are in their own lives, and I mean this for everyone, even husbands and wives. If you are going through your healing process and your spouse is not, don’t try to lay your trip on them. If they are not willing to work on their own stuff, it’s not your task to force them to do so. Besides, we lead by example (not coercion). The more you redirect your attentions into your own process, the more you will create a magnetic attraction that will allow others to be their selves. Don't force it - if you are meant to be the catalyst for other peoples growth, it will happen.

As you become more engaged in the healing work, you may start to notice that certain people around you are constantly trying to reject, blame or “project” their stuff out and on to you. Try not to take what they say or do personally - you are not responsible for how they are reacting to your process. If others cannot handle the energy of your feelings and be present with you in a neutral, accepting loving way, that is their problem and stuff, not yours. The best thing you can do for them is to give them the space to be... while continuing to accept and take responsibility for whatever is happening within YOU (including your thoughts and feelings and whatever else). The more you can hold this accepting loving compassion for yourself, the more those around will sense this and respond in kind, and maybe even start to allow themselves to take responsibility for their own lives too. But we have to do it first.

Our feelings are ours and ours alone. To fully heal them, we must fully embrace them (warts and all), and this means also taking full responsibility for them no matter how uncomfortable or awful they are. Any feelings we have inside, we have had a part in creating. What I mean when I say “you are responsible for creating your own feelings” is this: The worst thing imaginable can be done to you, and if you do not take it in and/or react to it, there would be nothing energetically sticking and you could walk away inwardly unscathed. Of course, the event would still have happened, but you would not be carrying it around inside. On the other hand, if you took that in and/or reacted... let’s say (for ex.) that someone does something to you and you get angry at them... before this anger is projected outwards, it is first felt in you. If the other person chooses to take that anger in to their being, then it now is theirs and then they have to deal with it.

“We all have our own crosses to bear”
It might have been true for Jesus that without the crucifixion there would not have been an Ascension, but In this day and age (esp with the introduction of this healing work) for us to completely heal and be freed, we do not always need to fully relive nor feel the full force of all the old traumas we hold. Your Spirit will try and cushion the blow to the extent it can (often by helping you process your stuff in "the dream time"), but some physical, mental and emotional re-experiencing might be necessary and unavoidable.

When “stuff” comes up into your physical body and mind, you will need to do two things: make peace with it and work it out.

Working this stuff out of your body-mind can be done in any number of ways. It is suggested that you do some physical activity every day - getting your energy moving in this way will assist your releasing. Listen to your body-mind and see how much activity it needs. There are many options to choose from when selecting a physical activity: walking, hiking, jogging, running, dance, yoga, weight lifting, gardening, biking... whatever it is, go with what your body-mind feels comfortable with. You may even feel like releasing this stuff by expressing it in a variety of creative endeavors such as art, music, writing, journaling, speaking, singing.... Keep listening in and do what you feel you need to do. If anything, be gentle and kind to yourself.

Making peace with your stuff may not be easy at first, especially if you have taken on the belief systems that said “it’s not ok to feel this way or that”. Some of us have been told to “suppress” or shove our feelings down and out of the way so we can get real and practical and serious and get on with our jobs. Especially for men, we have learned that we cannot appear weak or too sensitive – by expressing how we truly feel is not how we become successful (does a Superman cry?). And we have learned that we must be strong for others (especially those of the opposite sex) and not appear insecure and emotional. But truly, there is nothing wrong with feeling and emoting. We are human, not automatons. The stereotype that men are to be strong and only women can cry is built on a lie. If a man can’t cry can he really feel the depths of love? Is this what is wanted of men in our society? (I hope not).

However, I do think this deception has been perpetuated by certain segments of the collective unconscious (the shadow side of us all) who are out to manipulate us into doing their dirty work. They know that if a man cant feel sad and cry, he will not be able to feel love... and without that heart felt sense of moral awareness... he can go to war and kill with impunity. No new revelation here - this has been going on for thousands of years.

Self Empowerment
The greatest warrior is he who can allow himself to cry and love – no holding back in all his feelings. This person can fully be present in all that he does, whether it is to love or to war (and I do believe there is a time for war). The point is... we need to be 100% present on all levels and areas of our being, not just the few we or society deems acceptible. This of course is equally true for women as it is for men, but women have had a longer time practicing the feelings spectrum. But even women have some feelings that society does not allow them to feel (anger, among others). Self empowerment... or in other words "self acceptance" is the reclaiming and embracing of all our feelings, which this healing work can support for both men and women.

The true battle for all of us is to be authentic with all our feelings, whatever the truth of it may be. Embrace it - love it - accept it. Then and only then will it be able to shift and transform and release, freeing you to move on.

And when the time comes for you to continue on with your next session,
your inner self may give you a nudge.
Perhaps the thought will cross your mind,
or you will just feel its time.
And if it is not a nudge you heed,
then a push or a prod you will receive.

Spirit works in mysterious ways to motivate you to do this work. If you are unsure what your feelings or intuition is telling you in this regard, feel free to email me and we can look into it.

I suggest you keep a journal to write of any and all experiences or sensations that occur during your healing sessions. Include any new inspirations, understandings, messages, dreams, “coincidental” events and shifts in feelings that come to you later on in the week. This should help you be more consciously aware of the subtle intricacies of what is happening and how the healings are affecting you. In other words, writing this information down helps you conceptually or "mentally" integrate and keep track of your own progress. Journaling is also an excellent way for you to communicate with and develop a stronger more conscious relationship with your own Higher Self and spirit guides.

You are Unique
As we are all each quite unique (and at different stages of healing at any given time) so too will our experiences be different. Any comparisons from one session to another - or from one person to another - would not give justice to the unique reality present within each moment and each person (none of us are doing the same life trip - so try not to compare or judge).

Rest assured, during and immediately after a healing, anything you experience within your mind-body-spirit is exactly what you need in that moment (even if it is perceived as "negative") and in the next session, everything will have shifted. This is what is so delicious about this work... from one session to the next one never knows what new and unique experiences and opportunities will open up. It could be that in just one more session - in just one little energetic turn around the corner - your life could be miraculously shifted into something new and entirely different.... How exciting is that?!

Processing Energies - An Exercise

 Emotions = Energy in Motion

When your emotions get stirred up, they need to be exercised, moved or "processed" out. One way to do this is through a practice called the “Latihan” which comes from a spiritual organization called “Subud” ("Latihan" means "Exercise" in Indonesian). This practice is done individually or in groups (something to try if so inclined). They do not mix the sexes when they do this practice, but have the women do their Latihan separately from the men (I suppose this would eliminate sexual tension and posturing).

Before you begin your Latihan, you need to create a sacred and safe space, such as an empty room within the privacy of your own home, insulated enough so that any noises or movements will not disturb others. You may either stand or sit, eyes closed or open... and set the intention by saying...

"I give myself permission to totally let go NOW".

(The people in Subud simply say “Begin” to start their Latihan, but you can say whatever feels right to you).

Stay in this space within the set time that you designate, let’s say for only 20 or 30 minutes. Until you get the hang of it, I suggest you do this practice only 2 times a week. Nothing may happen the first times you try this, but when you are in this space for the full 20 or 30 minutes with the belief and conviction and sincerity, you are giving your spirit the permission and it will come through... slowly or all at once, depending on your openness. This exercise is (among other things) about “letting go” of your mental controls, constraints and judgments. The more you can trust in yourself and let go, the more you will allow the inner self and the Higher Power to take over, to be, and to process your stuff.

During this time, when and however you feel like it, allow your body to move. Allowing whatever is in your mind to come out and speak if it wants to... letting yourself be as loud as you feel... sing... yell... scream.... just let it all out. Its not that you are forcing anything to happen here... it’s just that once you have set and reinforced the parameters of the intention, these things will come out of their own accord – you just need to allow it to happen, stand out of the way and let it flow. Don’t judge or control. It’s a good practice in letting go. And if you do this process regularly, this will help more deeply ground, connect and integrate the energies and consciousness of your inner and outer being, which will make it flow easier each time you do this.

As we grew up, many of us learned not to be emotional around people, so we forced and shoved all that freely flowing, spontaneous energy and life further down and out of the way. Every time we did, another part of us died or weakened a little bit more. When you do this practice, you are learning to trust yourself with your own emotions. When you do this in Subud (or some other group) you are learning to trust sharing your emotions with others – and this can be healing all by itself. Eventually, we will not need groups to do this in but will be able to do this anywhere with anyone. This is called “taking your practice into the real world” till every moment you will be in your practice.

If you combine this Latihan practice with my healing work, your path will unfold that much faster. In fact, if you do my healing work with any other spiritual practice, the same will occur. There is no conflict, just mutual support. You can of course just do this healing work and that would be sufficient, but know that just about anything else you need do is ok with me, just as long as you are clear it is your Spirit guiding you to do it.

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