(giving authorization, consent, agreement, approval, blessing)

There are many levels of “permission” that I must receive before ever doing any readings or healings on you, and for good reason - as a safeguard to respect and protect the integrity of your personal space and free will.

The first level of permission is from your human self. When you indicate (via an e-mail) that you wish to receive a personal Consultation/Energy Diagnostic Reading, this request gives my Spirit the “initial” permission to approach your space. Going deeper is another matter.

On a variety of dimensions you may have any number of “Guardian Angels” surrounding and shielding your numerous energy fields. These beings are there to defend or “guard” you (just like their name imply) from any external invasion of your space. When my Spirit attempts to more deeply tune into you, these beings may be standing guard blocking my entrĂ©e. As a rule, these beings are indiscriminant in their defense of you – no matter how well meaning, they let no one in. We honor and respect the work they do on your behalf... yet you have asked (on some level) for my help and my help you will get. In these cases, my spirit - though it can force its way through nearly any defense - will not do so without permission from a higher authority, which in the case of all Guardian Angels is their boss - the Archangels. Fortunately, the Archangels have given my Spirit the authorization to pass through such “road blocks”.. so guardian angels are not a problem for me.

This leads us to the next level of permission which has to do with your very own Higher Self. If your Higher Self gives its approval for me to do a reading or healing, then I am “in”. However, if I am not given permission, this can be a tricky matter. Of course, the sovereignty and free will of ones Higher Self is most highly honored and respected, yet if the human self asks for help, this is not something we can ignore. Just like there are problems between parents and children (on this earthly dimension), so to could there be problems between our Human-Inner Child Self and our Spirit-Higher Self (either of which can only be resolved through independent intervention). This is not unusual for the Human and Higher Self to be at odds about many matters, but for the High Self to refuse a healing intervention... it's... interesting and very unusual.

One would ask, well who would you go to if your own High Self was refusing the healings? Who besides God would be able to intervene? Not the Archangels - unless your higher self was an angelic being under their auspices. (Now there’s an interesting thought). We know (or believe) that God commands or directs the Archangels... and the Archangels directs the Angels below them (if you believe in such a thing). But who in all this (besides God) commands, directs or “trumps” your High Self? It really depends on who is in the position of “authority” above your Higher Self, and that varies... I am referring to the “Spiritual Hierarchy”. The “Spiritual Hierarchy” is something akin to the military in that there is a chain of command that starts with the President - the Spiritual President being God (in a matter of speaking). Next comes the Military High Councils - which are like the Spiritual High Councils. Then there are the Generals - which could be likened to the Archangels or others with similar responsibilities... and so on down the line. But I am getting ahead of myself. What is this “Spiritual High Council” I refer too?

In ascending order:
there are “planetary councils” that oversee the spiritual
ascension of a whole planet, including all its inhabitants.

There are “Solar” councils that oversee the spiritual
ascension of all the planets and beings within that one solar system.

There are “Galactic” councils that oversee the spiritual
ascension of all the solar systems and beings of that one galaxy.

There are “Central Sun” councils that oversee the spiritual
ascension of all the galaxies and beings of that one universe.

And beyond that... God?

Interspersed amongst these many levels and magnitudes of councils are the various “Space Commands” (the “Ashtar Command” for ex.). They too have councils responsible for the ascension of their respective soul groupings (or “soul families”), but they also have individual “commanders” who are responsible for individuals who make up those groupings. There are many “High Councils” really – some involved with very provincial matters such as representing a particular religion or spiritual lineage. The list goes on, but there definitely is a pecking order.

”How does one get on a High Council?” (You ask)

It is not an elected position. Unlike earth in this regard, Spirit does not function as a democracy, rather it is a hierarchical Monarchy. God is at the top and appoints those who are the most qualified for the next lower position. These beings then chose their subordinates, and so on down the line. Advancement is given out by merit and ability and a proven tract record. You are only given a greater position of authority if you have mastered all that which is below you. (In some circumstances, certain souls - like the Archangels and Angels – avoided these stages of advancement as they were uniquely created to fill specific rolls).

So where does your High Self fit in? This will depend upon what level your High Self is engaged and active in the greater ascension process and the spiritual hierarchy. Your Spirit could very well be on one of the High Councils, but chances are... not. Even so, everyone in Spirit (no matter how elevated) must answer to a higher authority.

Ok, lots of interesting information.
Let’s get back to the subject at hand - getting permission. 

To determine if I (or my Spirit self) should do a reading or healing on you, I would have to find out where in this whole chain of command your Higher Self resides, and above that, ask your superior for permission.

Ok... my Spirit makes its inquiries and eventually finds and consults with that particular “Spirit Being” or “Beings” who are responsible for the spiritual welfare and ascension of your Higher Self (our Higher Self also ascends through the ranks of spirit just like our human selves do down here on earth).

No matter how great of a healer I am (or anyone else for that matter) if this particular being or “High Council” indicates that I do not have “permission” to intervene on you behalf, then I will NOT work on you. My spirit has the highest regard for those in charge of your “salvation”. As long as they are in accordance with the “Divine Plan”, this is a line we just don't normally cross.

This “non-interference” can be hard for the human self (and ones “inner child”) to accept (especially if you are suffering in the here and now). But there is usually a higher purpose and plan at work, even in such sufferings: perhaps by going through some difficult if not traumatic experiences you may be working out certain karmic debts and learning crucial soul lessons (which would not happen If we released you from your suffering). Thus, I (and my Spirit Self) will not interfere unless asked to do so by the “Great Spirit” and/or your “Higher Self (both of whom are instrumental in guiding you to me). It has been a while since I have had to refuse treating someone, but it does happen. This probably will not be an issue with us, but I needed to mention it just the same.

This all may sound odd or silly...

Permission from the Higher Self?

A spiritual "chain of command"?

What is this nonsense?

“As Above So Below”
What we see on this worldly dimension is our human self’s efforts at mirroring what already exist in the spirit world. It’s not like we have created anything new here - it’s all copy. Within this spiritual "chain of command", your Higher Self has already come into an agreement or contract with those beings within this hierarchy - to adhere to an order which - directly or indirectly - goes all the way up to ones Creator or God. This contract or order also involves obedience to those in Spirit who are (more elevated) representatives of this Higher Power and authority (than you are). Our individual and collective role in this whole set up can be (and is) quite humbling, but it can also be comforting to know we are all part of a greater plan, never doing the work in a vacuum, nor alone. It is also something that ones Human and Higher Self can lose site of at times and needs to be reminded of. (I am just conveying to you what my Spirit has informed me is going on up there... all of which sounds pretty mind blowing... but most especially humbling to ones ego).

“Fear of the Lord”
This does not mean to be "afraid” or “scared” of. It’s more like to be “respectful" or "in awe" of. “Fear” implies a certain threat of punishment. Spirit is not about punishment but helping us to learn and grow and evolve from the opportunities brought our way. If such experiences seem painful, our minds interpret it as punishment, but God is ultimately about whats best for our welfare, and that is all about Love. Let’s not lose sight of that. Ok.

"Where two or more are gathered..."

For something extraordinary to occur between two people (as in healing) there must be the willingness to work together with one goal in mind. The most powerful healing is done with someone who totally wants to be healed - and not on some level working against it (or against me). This is one reason why I do not work on people without their permission. Anyone who wants healing must do so of their own free will - not because someone else wants it for you or you want it for someone else. This means that if you have a friend or loved one that you want me to work with, please have them contact me directly.

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