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A 20 minute "mini healing" session is $50.
A one hour healing session is $150.
A package of 4 one hour healing sessions is $500.
A package of 12 one hour healing sessions is $1,200.

If you have Visa, Master Card (credit or debit), American Express, Discover, a savings or checking account in just about any bank... you may safely and securely send your payment on-line from just about anywhere in the world - free of any service charges - using Paypal.

- Please use "family and friends" option -

"I feel my home is really like a safe haven. The energy is beautiful. The living room is so embracing and loving. I feel the energy of just joy, wanting to smile... and this nurturing type energy. I am in deep gratitude".

My standard rate for home or work space clearings has been $100 per hour. If you order 2 hours or more, my fee for this service will be at the reduced rate of $75 per hour. This is a significant savings of $25 off the regular price, especially helpful if you need many hours of work. Speaking of, a thorough space clearing usually requires more than 2 hours to complete. Please e-mail and request a scan of your space so I can determine the total amount of hours required.

Starting the month of April, 2016 I will be raising my rates to reflect a new fee schedule.

Firstly, my abilities have grown so much that I can now transmit an even greater amount of work within a shorter amount of time. My new fees are in alignment with this shift.

The second reason is that I want to encourage a greater commitment from you.
Healing is an  ongoing journey,
not a "one off" event.
Even though one session of this work is able to shift and transform your life in many ways, one session is never enough. To achieve any goal you have to engage in an ongoing process. For example, if you want to get physically fit you have to exercise the body a few times a week - going to the gym once in a while is not going to give you any long lasting results. Same thing with this healing work - if you want to get the most out of it, you have to do the work on a regular basis over a long period of time. When you step out of your comfort zone and make this greater commitment to your spiritual growth and personal development, the universe will respond and support your efforts in many surprising ways.

DISCOUNTS: the good news
The One Month Transformational Healing Journey
Purchasing 4 one hour sessions individually would cost a total of $600. But now you can purchase a package series of 4 one hour sessions (to be used once a week within one month) for only $500 ! This discount saves you $100 off the total cost of paying for 4 separate sessions.

DEEPER DISCOUNTS: even better news
The 3 Month Transformational Healing Journey
If you are committed to a longer healing journey, you can save even more money by purchasing a package series of 12 one hour sessions (to be used once a week for 3 months) for only $1,200 ! (this figures out to be only $100 per session). This discount saves you $600 off the total cost of paying for 12 separate one hour sessions (which would have otherwise cost $1,800).

- Please use "family and friends" option -

If you prefer to pay by Bank Check, Bank Draft, or Money Order, please indicate this to me and I will send you my current mailing address. As a policy, I don't take personal checks.

Western Union is a reliable, easy and fast way of tranferring money (the whole process takes about 10 minutes), but unlike Paypal, they do charge you a fee to send money. They have offices worldwide (for those who live in countries that  cannot access Paypal). If you want to use Western Union, all you need do is give them my name (David R Isaacson) and the location where you are sending the money too (my business address is in Los Angeles, California). They will then give you a transaction # which you send me in an e-mail, along with your full name, your address, and how much you are sending. That's it.

And finally, as soon as I receive your payments (sent by whatever means), I will e-mail you back (asap) and suggest a day and time (in your time zone) for our session. You send me an e-mail back confirming you are ok with that day and time, and presto.... we can get this energetic ball rolling and get you started with some healing work. Hooray !

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