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A Teaching Portal

The following pages contain a portion of metaphysical knowledge considered the “Revealed Teachings” of this Mystery School. Here we will attempt to fill in the gaps of your “mental understanding” about spirituality and healing.


The Mystery School

A frequently asked question is "do you teach?" and I always say that the teaching is something you receive from within your own being. This is the essence of what a "Mystery School" is about - answers are not outwardly but inwardly revealed to the seeker. All the truth you need is ultimately found within you: the healing work offered here will support this self discovery process and uncover your own inner light and truth. I have included the "outward teachings"  on my web site in order to appease your ego-mind curiosities, thereby allowing them to relax, allowing Spirit to (uninterruptedly) do do its work.

That being said, the greatest teaching is ultimately about "surrender". This is something that I too am constantly practicing. I am always internally asking for the highest truth, guidance and direction in all aspects of my own life. And when I am asked to teach my healing techniques or methods, I invariably say that when you are receiving the healings you too are practicing the "surrender method". The reason I (usually) don't give out any other techniques is that any time "You" are "doing" anything, your ego is engaged in the process. What we are trying to do here is put aside the manipulative tendencies of the ego-mind... to not give it any opportunities to be involved in or try to control your healing. When this is done, you may be in a totally open state of surrender, receptive to the highest most powerful healing energies and consciousness that you can be. By practicing this with me (in the healings) you eventually get used to doing the same with your own higher self and eventually with God (whatever or whomever you perceive or believe your God to be).

This healing work I offer is a process that is experiential, meditative, self evident and self revealing... one which systematically unfolds and deepens the more you do it. If there is something you need to know, I believe that truth will effortlessly and obviously make itself known in the appropriate moment.

I am not here to spoon feed you my answers,
but to confirm that which you already know.
I am not here to give something you don't have,
but to remove that which you are not...
revealing the truth that dwells within you.

Unfortunately (in my opinion) so few people can (as yet) easily or fully access their own Highest Truth (let alone trust, have faith and follow that which they do receive). In the meantime, people do seem to need such support as provided by the "outer" guides, gurus, masters, psychics, teachers and healers. This work I offer is to empower you to be able to access more and more of your own "inner" resources, eventually weaning you away from needing our services. This is my goal with you.

As a teacher, I will mirror your truth to you (as best as I can) sharing what wisdom that I have or can channel from the higher realms... yet, it is up to you to do with it what you will, to take it or leave it. Besides God, you are still the last authority in your own life, mistakes and all... and you are ultimately responsible for all that you choose to think, feel and do.

The Beginning

The Vision – The Dream

Our Dreams... this is the substance that made our childhood: fairy tales, finger painting, nursery rhymes, Disney cartoons, imaginary friends, day dreams...

Our childhood... this is the time when the veils between the worlds were thinnest - when we were the closest to Spirit – when our deepest dreams were not so secret. But in time, we learned the ways of the world and forgot - what once felt possible... is now thought “impossible”. And here we are... perhaps living someone else’s dream - or is it nightmare?

So let us now re-begin our great adventure into the unknown by touching upon those supposedly “impossible” dreams we all have hidden within our innermost secret heart of hearts. Do you have the courage to really ask

"What is my impossible dream?"

Once you ask this question, you are never the same, being touched with a madness, a passion, a purpose that will motivate and give you the courage to take on the world. This is the “Quest for the Holy Grail” that will move you to a greatness beyond the comfort zone of your small self, beyond anything (within or without) that stands between you and your goal - your glorious dream.

If you can dream it, you can achieve it. Anything is possible if you have the faith to believe and the courage to act upon that belief. Just imagine... someone had the outrageous dream that man would someday fly to the moon.

Imagine if you had such faith that you too could walk on water, heal the sick, raise the dead, change water to wine, move mountains, and so much more. "That this and greater will we do" was promised 2 thousand years past. I still believed in such outrageous possibility – the magic that makes life worth living were once dreams that someone believed in and made true. I believe in the invisible "spiritual reality" that exists and rules our entire life, underneath this "illusion" we call the “real” world.

My dream I wish to share with you now - the fruits of my struggle, study, sacrifice, practice... that your Way may be "Quickened" by it.

Let the "Great Dream" of your life AWAKEN NOW!

If you have the faith of a child in Santa Clause, Fairy Godmothers, even in the HEALING POWER of MERLIN'S MAGIC...

You will know and experience a Divine Grace that will transform your life into something so wondrous beyond the mind to fathom. This is my dream for you.

David Isaacson

"When you come to the edge of all that you know, you must believe one of two things: There will be earth to stand on, or you will be given wings to fly."


"The poor man is not he who is without a cent, but he who is without a dream."

The Star - Your Role

Everyone has a unique role to play in life, which dovetails into everyone else's role – that all somehow fits into the big cosmic plan. We all have different purposes and work that we are here to do – this is the dream in each of our hearts (the great mystery). It becomes imperative that each of us awakens and comes to know and follow the truth of that dream, to manifest and be that, no matter what the cost (or how humble or outrageous). Your courage to follow this truth will help awaken and inspire the dreams of others, opening doors for those who have not the strength to do so by themselves.

Be the change you want to see happen in the world.
Mahatma Gandhi

Throw a small rock into a large still lake, and you will see the ripples spreading out to the ends of its shore. What rocks could you throw that would spread to the ends of the world?

You Are Destined To Be a Star
Everyone wants to make an impact in the world, to make a difference in some way, to be a “Shining Star”. We all have a brilliance hidden deep within - put there to shine for all to see. Our task as human beings is to discover and manifest that light upon this earth. This is our ultimate destiny.

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