I have been greatly blessed to have known and worked with Tanya Sheikh. Her sensitivity and insight into the energy field and consciousness - on All levels - has been an invaluable gift in clearing and accelerating my own personal path towards wholeness, thus magnifying the power and effectiveness of the healing work I in turn offer my clients. If you feel a resonance and are so inspired, I most highly recommend you run (not walk!) to get work from this very special and most gifted healer.

Peace & Blessings - Love & Light
David Isaacson

Hi Beautiful,

I'm writing this as the energies of the full moon swirl around me. I'm feeling soft, surrendered, deeply touched and moved. 

It is time. 

Four little words that bring up such intensity of emotion and tears reach out to caress me.

Ten years. This body of work has been ten years in the making. And probably (definitely) many, many lifetimes of preparation. My dark night of the soul, my awakening journey, my kundalini activation, whatever you want to call it, has asked All of me. And I said 'yes'. At times with screams caught in my throat, exhaustion, tears, sadness, grief. And Ecstasy. Yes, ecstasy. What price is too high to know yourself, to be deeply intimate with the God/dess spark within? The essence of Who I Am pouring forth into my life. Embodied. Awakened. Ecstasy. Me.

I have offered group work before. And it's been powerful and exquisite and transformational. But this time it's different. Though my body of work will continue growing, it is complete. Fully formed, fully landed. Breathtaking in its expansiveness, finesse and power.

So, if you feel the call (please feel into it, it's there for you to touch and lean into) I would love you to join me.

The offering is called 'Essence' and we will be evoking, inviting, allowing the Essence of Who You Are to emerge within you, your body, your life- which in turn allows for healing and transformation, beauty and magic and whatever word you use for that which lights you up. This will be the first in a series of group offerings the energies of which will build upon each other. 

Friday the 6th of July, at 9 pm EST (6 pm pacific) for 45 minutes (cost: $40)                (which is the maximum amount of time that people can receive this work in one go as it's incredibly potent and incredibly fast)  

Payment to sign up can be made through the PayPal link on this page: https://www.blissfulbecomings.com/the-offering.html

This is remote work so all you have to do is lie down and allow yourself to receive. 

Feeling all kinds of butterflies already... 


With love and deepest appreciation,



If you know anyone who would benefit from this work (ummm- everyone?! smiles), please feel free to press 'forwards' Thank-you! xo