Upon request - receive a Free
Spiritual Energetic Consultation

Before receiving your e-mail requesting a consultation, our Spirits will have already made contact through the ethers of the "Spiritual Internet" - those inner planes of consciousness and energy that permeate and connect our entire universe.

In order for you to receive a consult or healing, being in my physical presence, even any contact on the phone is NOT required. Consultations are conveyed thru the written word via e-mail, and healings are energetically transmitted remotely (long distance) through space and time.

When I receive your email request, I ask my Spirit to "Tune In" and do an in-depth analysis or scan of your whole being. This tuning in may include but is not limited to all your aspects, ancestors, spirit guides, totem animals, cords, contracts, karmas, sub-conscious programs, cellular and crystalline matrices, meridians, chakras, energy fields, DNA, past and future "life lines"... the list goes on.....

During this "Tuning In", many of my more sensitive clients have reportedly felt a spiritual presence, a sense of being energetically "scanned", a tingling rush of energy, or a heightened sense of clarity (if you feel nothing, that's ok too).

Once my Spirit has completed its analysis, this information is reduced into the simplest of concepts, and on a need to know basis is then conveyed to me. I in turn email this information (usually quite brief and to the point) to you.

This information is offered as a general guide as to what "theme" or area Spirit may want you to be aware of and heal in the moment.

I will not mention all the areas that you need healing work in - you would have no idea what to do with this massive amount of information and would be easily frustrated and overwhelmed. However, I will mention that which your higher self and mine determines is the most important for you to now know - that which needs immediate attention or "what's up".

Only that which Spirit deems absolutely necessary and appropriate for you to know is shared. In many cases, the only message coming from spirit is to simply receive the healing work and see what happens.

The primary purpose of a consult may not be as much to convey new information as to resonate with what feels right to you... confirming what you already know to be true... showing that we are in agreement or "on the same page". However, if the consult does not make any sense, that's ok... to receive this healing work, mental understanding is not required. The Higher Self knows our healing needs better than our human minds can ever conceive, and our healing needs are often not what we think they are. In the end, the consult is simply an introduction to the healing work, but if it at all helps you take the next leap in your spiritual journey, it has fulfilled its purpose.

Category of Movements
The focus of the consults (and the work itself) can generally be categorized into the following actions or movements, each supported, magnified and accelerated in the sessions:

centering, gathering, soul and essence retrieval/restoration

connecting body-mind-emotions-spirit

clearing, digging in and out, releasing of stuff, blocks and limitations

tithing, serving, creating empty space, letting go and letting God, surrender

will, intention, asking

to Higher Self guidance, prime directive/purpose

consciousness unfolding, opening

descending, incarnating, dropping in

"Web of Life", interconnecting, sharing, merging, oneness, love, bliss

identity, receiving vision, understanding, awareness

traveling, seeking, discovery, exploration

of gifts, abilities, art, story telling, singing, speaking, writing, dancing...

evolving, transforming, responsibility and position

filling, strengthening, boundaries, integrity, protections, consolidating

blueprints, cycles, directions, fate, matrices, myths, archetypes, programs

teachings, downloads, energies, vibrations, information

contracts, agreements, vows, promises, karma

feedback, truth telling, spiritual combat, conflict resolution

the elements, wants, desires, passions, kundalini

turning on, powering up, codes, source points, the kundalini

As part of my service to you, the one time introductory "Sample Healing Session" as well as any comments or communications shared in any follow up emails are freely offered (donations for either are always appreciated). However, subsequent healing sessions are not free (see Healing Services and Sessions).

As an introduction to this work, I am now offering
- to New Clients Only -
ONE FREE 10 Minute "Sample" Healing Session

Life is constant change. So too do we change as we are constantly shifting into and out of different spaces of our "stuff". Because of this, it's not unusual for your healing needs to vary from time to time. Spirit may indicate that you need different areas or issues healed from one day to the next. However, from my experience, most people are presenting just one main problem area or issue at a time, and to heal this may be the very reason for incarnating into this life.

After you have received a number of healing sessions with me, you are more than welcome to request another consultation if you are so inclined - it is usually not necessary, but if it is important to you I would be happy to oblige. I don't guarantee there will be any new information to impart, but if there is I will certainly bring it to your attention.

To be clear, my role with you is as a "Healer" NOT a "Psychic". Generally speaking, a healer channels transformational energies and a psychic channels information. So if you have questions about your life, perhaps you should consult a psychic. However, if you want your life to be transformed and healed, then you have come to the right place.

I have no control over what Spirit tells me - I am simply a humble mediator. That said, if Spirit is not forthcoming with information I am sure there is an excellent reason. In fact, in many consultations the only information I am given is that the person should just take a blind leap of faith and do the work... THAT'S IT ! My understanding in these cases is that more information would not positively contribute to the souls true needs, but may do quite the opposite - feed the ego mind (and perpetuate the confusion). Regardless of what is said or not, Spirit has your highest and best interests at heart.

When we do the consultations and healings, I have no expectations on what is coming through. I have no judgments about you, no hidden agendas towards you, nor am I attached to the outcome of our working together. All of these things are in Spirits hands. My intention is simply to be of service to your Highest Good.

"I am not here to spoon feed you my answers
but to confirm that which you already know.
I am not here to give you something you don't have
but to remove that which you are not,
revealing the truth which dwells within."

If interested in receiving a complimentary consultation, all you need do is simply "ASK".

This request gives me the permission to "tune" into you. Any other information you wish to share in your correspondence with me is entirely up to you, but at the very least, please include your full name in the e-mail and where you are located.

If you have a particular area of concern or interest you want me to look at and address, mention that as well. If you are so inclined, send me a digital picture of yourself (it's nice to have a face with the name).

If you like, you can even add a little bit about your life: how you found me, what you are seeking healing for.. whatever you wish to say, feel free. I don't necessarily need this info for the consultations or healings, but I do like to keep the channels of communication open with my clients.


The consult and all subsequent correspondence are offered to you free of charge with no strings attached or obligation in the slightest - it is my gift to you.


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